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While David was in the wilderness, he heard that Nabal was shearing sheep. 1 Samuel 25.4

The servant of God who is facing a problem must pray to get rid of this trouble and be alert to see where help will come from. This is how David acted when he was sought by Saul, who wanted to kill him at any cost. In order to take refuge from the wrath of the king, the son of Jesse and 600 men, who formed his private army, lived in the desert. Hearing that Nabal was shearing sheep, David saw an opportunity.

With His wisdom, the Lord makes us understand the way out of the crisis. David felt that this farmer was the answer to his needs. Besides always running away from the king, David had to provide financial resources for the survival of his warriors and their families. The church evangelizes the lost all over the world, but it has to support workers and pay for media outlets, rents and other expenses.

 The man after God’s own heart knew that when shearing the sheep, the farmers used to make a feast for their assistants. With the profit from the sale of the wool, they took tithes of the Lord and gave them to the Levites, because it was their portion. Because he thought that Nabal’s heart was like his own, David thought that he would help him maintain his troop. This was another experience that the future king had to go through, but it didn’t bear him the desired fruit.

In our walk with God, many times we will see divine provision act in our favor; other times we will only have a lesson. In fact, the important thing is not the supply requested, but the teachings given by the Lord. For this reason, never be discouraged, even if your desires are not fulfilled, because it is the Most High’s that must please you. After all, He always knows what is best for those who serve Him with true love.

Those who follow the guidance of the Almighty will be taught in everything, and the enemy will never overpower them. The problem for many is that they pay attention to worldly affairs, which have the devil behind them. Today, countless people spend more money on perfume articles than on food. For many, appearance is more important than being healthy. So, they spend their lives taking a variety of medicines.

The Lord said that abundant life is available to all, for He has brought it for the Kingdom’s children to enjoy the good and the best! God has given us the secret to living well: If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good things of the land; (Isaiah. 1:19). Willing – is the beginning of everything we have to do; and listening – learning to act by faith – will enable us to change our lives completely! Those who walk by faith learn to truly believe in the Word of the good God!

Only by listening and following Heaven’s guidance will you rid yourself of the devil’s hatred for human beings. Nothing is better than knowing the Truth, for in that knowledge, it will set you free (John 8.32). Be connected to God, but don’t neglect earthly events, because the day will come when you will come face to face with an evil attack and you will need to act. So, stand firm in faith!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord, the Provider of needs! It´s good to know that You will not only help us, but will also guide us along straight paths. Then, our happiness will be complete! David, Your anointed, was prepared with fire, in order to take his place as God's warrior.

We have lacked wisdom in spiritual things and often act as if we don't know You. But as we let Your power work through us, leading us to success, those who see it agree that only You could have given us the victory!

Today, we bow down before Your presence! Even if the shearer of sheep doesn’t heed our request, greater things will happen to us. He who believes in You will never be confused. Thank You for the lessons, because with them, we will be overcomers in everything!


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