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may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the width and length and depth and height  Ephesians 3:18

The understanding that God gives us in His Word must be studied and meditated in prayer and in some cases with fasting.  In it there is all you need for you to be fulfilled in faith and consequently do what you were ordered to do.  The divine plan for humanity is perfect.  Therefore do not let the evil forces steal your blessings received from God for if this happens you will be filled with frustrations.  

The Omniscient desires that you comprehend perfectly the Word revealed so that you live free from fears or limitations which is not what He gives in the Scriptures.  If you allow envy to enter your heart, you will be like Cain.  He did not withstand seeing his bad works being rejected and killed his brother, who had pleased the Lord.  If you do what is good and right you will please the Almighty.

Your territory in Christ is vast, greater even that your mind can comprehend.  You are within the limits established by the Father, so do not try to know beyond what the Bible reveals.  The things that are hidden belong to the Omnipotent forever. He who prayed in order to know what he shouldn’t because he had evil intentions in his heart, created a breach for the devil and was deceived by him.

Even if you do comprehend all the mysteries that the Lord has permitted man to know, if there is not a special purpose of His in this knowing you will get nowhere with it.  Those who are led by greed or by any other flaw in personality are in sin, because that which was in His project for us is sufficient; and thus we will remain in the presence of the Most High.  But those who do not conform to God’s desired purpose lay themselves open to the devil. 

Now, even being content with the limits set by the Lord for your ministry understand what is yours through faith in Jesus and do the work with excellence.  Do not be lazy but ask the Most High to help you understand your calling. Living in prayer, with humility and fear of God you will not be fooled by the evil one.

Be thankful to God for the comprehension and understanding He has given you and do not let yourself be swept or taken by the lies of the devil.  Even if you exert all your effort to know what the Lord has not permitted you to know, this attitude will only result in deception and frustration.  You should carry out your mission, and this will lead you to accomplish much more than your own effort.

Therefore do not try to go beyond the length, height, width and depth of your territory in the Lord, for in it there is all you need and sufficient space for you to be a blessing.  Why not possess what God has given you?  You can do all things in Him who strengthens you.

In Christ, with Love, 

R. R. Soares

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Lord! What You designed for our territory in good dimensions was nothing small, but if we learn the limits of our inheritance in Your plan we will be successful in the years we spend serving You.

We must not complain envying what others have done for Your Kingdom, because this person also has limits to observe.  If we do complain we will not comprehend the size of the kingdom given by You and consequently we will not perform and fulfill our part. 

We are imperfect and have not yet reached the position You have given us.  We need wisdom to comprehend, with all the saints, the width, length, height and depth of our stake in You.


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