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02/01/2022 - THE PERFECT WORD

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He has put a new song in my mouth— Praise to our God; Many will see it and fear, And will trust in the Lord. Psalm 40.3

David speaks of the patience that God gave him, which made him wait on the Lord until his conflicts were solved. The solution came when the Most High leaned towards him and heard the cry of his heart (Psalms 40.1). In the same way, God can deliver to all believers the desired end to their problems. We don’t have to be patient with the devil, but – following the guidance of the Holy Spirit – rebuke him and send him away.

The son of Jesse further reveals that he was trapped in a horrible pit, where adversities caused by demons tormented him. A great number of Christians likewise live under the worst temptations. Now, they do not fall into them only because of divine assistance, directed to them at all times (1 Corinthians 10.13). David still declares a miry clay, a filth, held him back, but the Lord set his feet upon a Rock (Psalm 40.2).

Jesus is the Rock, the Word of God, and the Father sets our steps on it (1 Peter 2.4). Those who are born again don’t have to let the devil stop them from making decisions about biblical revelations. If you take pleasure in wrong thoughts, for sure, many sorrows will befall you. We will pay attention to and obey the one we love – he will have dominion over us (John 14.21). Mercy!

The process for David to get rid of those sad nuisances must have been a long one, for he had to wait patiently. If you´ve fallen into the clutches of the evil one, you need to be patient to observe the directions given by the Holy Spirit, in the Word. It´s good to always recognize the sin committed and then ask forgiveness for it (1 John 1.9). Imagining lustful scenes with someone makes you an adulterer and excludes you from the Kingdom of God (Matthew 5.28; 1 Corinthians 6.10).

At the end of his deliverance cycle, when he was taken out of the filthiness and his feet were placed on the Rock, David realized that there was a new song in his mouth and he sang it. The same will happen to anyone who confesses himself to God and gives Him the conditions to set him free. That person will be restored to the divine family with celebration and will also sing a song of worship to the Lord. He is perfect in His works!

The sign that you have been delivered will be the hymn of praise to God. Then many will see what the Heavenly Father has done on your behalf and will fear Him. Never fail to give your testimony and the deliverance you´ve received. When they hear from you, others will seek the Deliverer. Temptations thrive on the one who does not fear God. He who respects Him rejects sin!

Although we are saved, we are no different from other people. Temptations come to our hearts to test us. The only way out is to fear the Lord; otherwise, you will fall into every evil trap. When Satan tempts you, pray to the Almighty for forgiveness for what you have already received from the devil’s hands. Watching and praying are secrets to never enter into temptation (Mark 14.38).

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father, God of the new song! Everything that comes from You is meant for our complete fulfillment in faith in Jesus. So, we thank You for setting us free, forgiving us every time we recognize the voice of Your Spirit and confess our mistakes!

Look at the person who has let the enemy implant in his mind the desire to sin. Because of this, that person is separated from You. The result of David's sin was that his foot got stuck in a miry clay. But this faithful servant confessed and patiently waited for Your help.

Listen to the prayer of those who cry out to You now. It´s still time to receive Your favor and Your grace. We acknowledge our transgressions, we plead for Your goodness and the consolations of Your Spirit. We are grateful for everything! Put a new song in us!


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