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And Barnabas they called Zeus, and Paul, Hermes, because he was the chief speaker. Acts 14:12

When people misunderstand divine operation, something very serious can happen to servants of the Lord, just like what happened at Lystra Auditorium. When we’re working for God, everything should be done with all our heart and without deceit, even if people make up things about us. God won’t ever accept any lies. Therefore, we should reject what darkness offers, even if it seems like it could help.

The people were so amazed at what happened to that paralytic man that they lost their good reason and ran towards the servants of God, comparing Paul and Barnabas to those of maximum importance in their religion. To them, Jupiter was the supreme god of mythology, so they started calling Barnabas Jupiter. To the servants of the Lord, that was worse than calling them charlatans or some other name, because they could never accept “such an honor”.

Paul was named Mercury, who was considered Jupiter’s spokesperson. All that was new to those sent by the Lord. Their goal was simply to remove people from a deception web and lead them to the truth. It hurts to see lies dominating the lost ones. Even in this case, when they witnessed God’s operating power, they gave credit to gods dressed in form of men. Lord have mercy!

Some may say the apostles should have accepted the gifts and later, when all settled down, they’d explain the truth. If they had trailed such path, they’d stop being servants of the Most High. Those who obey the Word cannot tolerate the enemy’s suggestions, unless they’re planning on agreeing with him. Don’t accept any tricks to talk about the power of God, even if that will save your life. Honor the Creator!

What would be the point in fooling the people, if even the simplest evil intention in the heart is considered a sin by the Lord? Prophet Isaiah said: To the law and to the testimony! If they do not speak according to this word, it is because there is no light in them (Isaiah 8:20). Those who belong to the Father never allow others to live in sin, because that’s what members of the body of Christ should do. The sons of God should live and speak of the Word.

Look, when something starts out bad, it can’t be reversed. In everything we do, in all we accept to do, it’s important that people glorify the Father through us. Never deny the Lord, even if that means imminent loss to you. It is better to suffer for being firm in your faith in Christ than to enjoy the temporary taste of sin. Moses understood this 3.500 years ago in Egypt. Follow the Scriptures!

People who are drowning in sin need to find their way to heaven, and they will never be fooled again. The ends cannot justify the means. In order for someone to be a blessing, they can’t have a single trace of iniquity. Seek to walk with your head up; that way you will see the Lord. The important thing is to overcome without committing yourself to evil.

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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Lord who commands us! Under Your direction, we can overcome tribulations. Now we shouldn’t accept lies, even if they could help us in some way. The important thing is to live free from the dirt of the enemy.

Paul and Barnabas proved they loved You, rejecting the lies of those people who believed in the gods of mythology reigning in that region. With vehemence, Your servants denied to accept it, because they couldn’t deny You. May it be the same with us!

Why should we accept a lie if we are from the kingdom of light? Those who were fooled aren’t really the problem, but those who consciously accepted the lie. We want to please You and honor You without being fooled with anything from the evil one. Amen!


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