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Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, The Holy One of Israel: “For your sake I will send to Babylon, And bring them all down as fugitives— The Chaldeans, who rejoice in their ships. Isaiah 43:14

God’s plans are bigger and more effective than we might think. Not only was Babylon a threat to Israel, it also seemed to be indestructible. However, for the sake of His Name, the Almighty, wanting to help His own, sent enemies against Babylon. In our day, inexplicable things are happening so that Christians can have peace and security so that evangelization can move forward.

Just as the enemy works for years to occupy a nation, investing huge sums of money and destroying lives, God plans the advance of His Church throughout the earth. No thought of the Lord can be stopped (Job 42: 2). If someone gives up on fulfilling a divine command, others will be called to take his place. God is good!

Do not waste time letting despair or sin enter your heart. After all, nothing takes the Lord by surprise. Even before the evil one deliberates something, his intentions are already known to God. All things are bare and plain to the eyes of Him to whom we will be held accountable (Heb 4:13). As such, no creature goes unnoticed by Him. The Omniscient plans our battles so that the adversary can never disturb us.

Because He loves us and does not want us to suffer or make great efforts, the Most High raises problems against those who affront us, creating situations in which demons get angry without knowing how to solve them. He sent an army to attack Babylon and thus deliver Israel. God showed that the enemy goes through tribulation, as did Pharaoh’s army in the Red Sea. God’s love is always working for us.

The members of the opposing troop will be forced down as fugitives on the ships with which they boast. The Almighty’s decision is unchanging, whether the devil accepts it or not, for it is a just decision and always in favor of His people. So if you are a servant of the Most High, stand firm in the face of a trial, even though the threat may cost you your life. Do not love the world or what is in it, but love God (1 John 2:15)!

Never be alarmed at the bravado of darkness, because evil no longer has the power it possessed before Jesus died and descended into Hell, where He dethroned Satan and his demons. Today, they are completely dead. There is nothing to say about the threats of the devil; After all, our Savior guarantees that the devil is under our authority. We are winners!

What was boasting to the devil now is perdition. Faith in Christ is the secret of victory! With the faith and power of God, what we determine is accomplished. We should mirror the stories of the brothers of the past. Sarah, for example, received the virtue of giving birth by faith. Hallelujah!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Holy of Israel! You will do everything because you love us, because you are the same as the day you gave your promises. Your statements in our behalf are right before your eyes, so we believe we will receive them.

Because you are our Redeemer, nothing from Hell will stop us from obtaining Your blessings. We need to grow in faith so that we do not sink in faith in Christ. That would be a shame! Sanctify us in the Truth, which is Your Word.

Today we understand that the enemies of Babylon have been stripped, lost the fight, and will not rise. They fled in terror on the ships of which they boasted, but were arrested. Victory is ours in the Name of Jesus! To you be glory and praise!


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