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The watchman of Ephraim is with my God; But the prophet is a fowler’s snare in all his ways— Enmity in the house of his God. Hosea 9:8

The duty of a prophet was to be a servant of the Most High under any circumstances. He acted as a watchman over the people of God, admonishing people who did not understand how to proceed in the face of situations and counseling them never to be trapped in the enemy’s bonds. Above the prophet there was only the Lord, the One directly responsible for everything that could happen to him. Today, those lifted up by God also have this task!

Those called to this office had to surrender themselves wholeheartedly to the Lord, being His voice and giving spiritual nourishment to the king and the citizens in general. We no longer have this figure amongst us, as it was in the Old Testament, but many are called to this ministry and will work in the same way. We have a ministry as glorious as that of the servants of the past. Some will be used like them. Hallelujah!

The assignment of caring for the nation was of the prophet’s. If he did not give the Lord’s message, he would be held responsible for those who suffered from lack of knowledge or for the entire nation. In the same way, when we are placed in some location, we have an obligation to do the work, taking care of all the people. However, this does not mean that we can become politicians, lest we get caught up in the affairs of this life.

Wherever he went, this servant of God could find traps set up not only by wicked men, but also by demons, offering all kinds of temptations. Today, we need to be role models anywhere and be very careful. Behind people who apparently are in need, there may be spurious proposals, and those who work in the Lord’s field are never embarrassed by them or by any sin. Stay alert!

Fortunately, we never heard of a single prophet of the Almighty in the past betraying Him, corrupting themselves with the devil’s treacherous offers. The man of God has to be involved only with the Holy Spirit; the carnal one equals to the vulture that loves rotten meat. Be careful! Never give in to the craftiness of the evil one. It is better to be considered ignorant than an adulterer. Remain in prayer!

The hastiness to receive some favor from the government has led many people considered to be from God to offer or receive bribes. Since they do not remain alert, they think that this does not hinder the progress of the divine work. Both sides of a bribe are just as wrong, and the Lord knows the intentions of the heart. Mercy! The command is to be holy! Thanks to the Highest, there are those who know that He only writes correctly with crooked lines.

Since they don´t talk about what man likes, the Lord’s workers often face hostilities even inside the Father’s house. Many of them had to give up their rights, in order not to be a hindrance to the Lord’s work. Woe to those who let themselves be led by their own interests and make up situations that disrupt the holy servants. Be careful!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, our Safety! We are called by You to represent Your Kingdom in this world. Thus, we must be at Your feet to never fall into the web of deception. Our responsibility is greater, as we receive more from You.

Use us everywhere; thus, everyone will know that You have visited them. We must not make our name know, but work to give Your Name due praise. We can never do our work, only Yours.

We need to be aware that You will be with us wherever we go, helping us to give the necessary rebuke, admonish accordingly and show Your power in the form of wonders and signs, for Your glory and honor. Amen!


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