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That all should honor the Son just as they honor the Father. He who does not honor the Son does not honor the Father who sent Him. John 5:23

When they heard Jesus say He was the Son of God, the Jews sought even harder to kill Him, because, according to them, He not only violated the Sabbath, but He also equaled Himself to the Lord. Patiently, the Master helped them understand that His words were true: He and the Father were one. Therefore, they should honor Him. But since their understanding was limited, they did not accept such fact. Christ was the Master!

The Savior tried to show them that from Himself He could do nothing but only fulfill the will of the Father. This teaches us to be patient with unbelievers, for the doctrines of religions shut the human mind. The Word is no doctrine to be understood rationally, but spiritually. Thus, we must be patient with those who are not yet born again, because the unregenerate heart does not know the Truth.

To this day, even in countries considered Christian, people find it difficult to understand the Scriptures, thus, they are not saved. However, with patience and the help of the Holy Spirit, we will destroy these resistances. Then many will marvel at the Gospel´s message and accept it. One of the ways to break these barriers is the works done in the Name of Jesus, especially the deliverance of the oppressed.

Evangelists need to seek the Lord’s anointing to break the yoke that prevents the lost from thinking differently from the teachings in which they were created. But by learning the Word and tasting the heavenly gift, they become genuinely converted and consequently victorious. The deeds carried out in the Name of Jesus lead the most hardened wicked to understand the divine will, generating his conversion.

It is important not to rush, and for example, pray for all people to be healed, but to see what the Lord wants us to do. Then, when we obey Him, the results will be wonderful. Jesus said that the Father would still show His children greater works to marvel at. We must also seek this, in order to see millions of sinners surrender to the Kingdom of Heaven. The hint for obtaining good results was given.

There are things that only the Savior can do, but if we ask Him to quicken those that are spiritually dead – which is what He really wants to do – we will see multitudes take the first step toward salvation. If they are quickened, we must teach them right away. We need to work with the Father in order to give everyone the opportunity to be saved and to learn to behave like Jesus.

All that we carry out with the help of the power from on High, healing the sick, delivering the oppressed and bringing peace to the people, is for them to honor the Son and the Father. Whoever does not honor the Son does not honor the Father. We all need to be patient. When all the lost honor the Son, we will be fulfilled. The goal is to bring salvation to mankind.

In Christ with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, our Example! The damage of sin affects those who give in to it. Now, people should honor Your Son, for they only honor You, and that imperfectly. Help us to lead everyone to exalt the Lord Jesus!

Christ's struggle for mankind to learn to glorify You was enormous. The Jews could not see that the healing of that crippled man from the pool of Bethesda was the sign for them to understand that You, through Jesus, did the works.

We want to see You working the signs among the lost. Lord! We want to learn to cooperate with You in the fulfillment of Your will. Teach us to walk by Your side, following Your footsteps. Amen!


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