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that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.  John 3:15

Today we begin a series of ten messages about Christ’s statements concerning His death. We will see similarity to the fact that the Israelites sinned by accusing Moses and God of taking them out of Egypt to die in the wilderness. There, near Mount Hor, Aaron, the brother of Moses, the first priest of Israel, died and was buried in the sight of all the people.

The death of the cross was not a surprise to the Lord, for it mattered that He was raised (John 3:14), and when it did, it would draw all to Himself. In our preaching, we must show Jesus as the Savior of mankind. He came to destroy the works of the devil (1 John 3: 8). After being buried, He descended into Hell, conquered Satan and his demons, stripped them of their power over us, and rose for our justification. Hallelujah!

Our journey to heaven after receiving Jesus as Savior and Lord is very similar to that of the Israelites toward Canaan. Their behavior shows that the Most High sometimes makes us “wander” through the deserts of the world until we are ready to take on the Promised Land. In doing so, we will heed the Father’s will. Being well with Him, there will be no curse that will last in our lives.

The raising of the Lord before the eyes of sinners, sufferers, and the needy will cause them to be blessed. So it can be said that the blessing upon the people depends on our action in describing the facts shown in the Bible. What a responsibility! It’s good to prepare never to make the mistake that pleases the devil. If the message is not answered correctly, you will have been a terrible witness to God.

The heavenly Father cannot be served as He pleases, because He does not admit it. The servant only fulfills divine commands. After aligning with the plans of the Most High, teach the Scriptures. He who does a work without seeking to know God’s purpose will never succeed in faith. One must prepare for the work planned by the Almighty and do what He desires. Herein lies success in all matters of life.

The part of attracting people is from the Lord, and He will do it successfully when we obey Him. However, He will not use us if there is rebellion, for this act is like the sin of witchcraft (1 Sam 15:23). How will God bless our deeds if we are in the same position as invoking evil spirits? In order to have him with him, the devil even helps him make “power shows”, giving him the necessary resources, because his intention is to take him to the lake of fire and sulfur.

Jesus knew that He would die to redeem us, as well as the kind of death. However, that did not discourage Him, but rather excited. With confidence and willingness, He faced the angry mob, who was asking for His execution, knowing that all would benefit. Now, knowing that what we do will help many people, we will march toward our “Calvary” with resignation. The purpose of Christ’s death makes anyone happy. To him be glory!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father, Fulfiller of the divine purpose! Everything about Your Son was planned and executed by Your holy will. The salvation brought by Him is the work of the one who is love and perfect. Through it we give you glory and praise!

We have no words to thank and say how happy and ready we are to do your works. We need your help not to use what comes from the enemy. We will never accept being used by this vile being.

We want to collaborate with Your purpose: to give eternal life to the lost, who lie in the bed of spiritual death. May all receive full salvation and serve you with all their hearts. Be glorified and honored with our faith!


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and Serug lived after he begat Nahor two hundred years, and begat sons and daughters.
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