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Then I returned, and I saw vanity under the sun… Ecclesiastes 4:7

We must always turn to what God shows us, for that is of the utmost importance. Whoever fails to pay attention to the Lord, neglecting the revelations of the One who knows everything, commits a terrible mistake. Christians who fell into transgression were unable to recognize that the Father was right in warning them, but rather insisted in their error and were contaminated. If you don´t repent, you will be lost forever.

We can never be like the donkey, which does not understand what it sees and hears, but obeys its master. We are intelligent people, with whom the Most High wants to fellowship. So do as He tells you. Thus, you will prevent evil coming into your life, which will cause you much harm. Surely, the Holy Spirit will help you a lot and will warn you of the traps set by the devil. Be alert!

God does not want to see His children, who fear Him, acting like animals. He wants to see men as people and not as walking trees (Mark 8:24). He will prepare us for great works, which will do us very well. Be sensitive to what the Lord shows you and ready to fulfill it from then on. He would never say anything worthless to His servants.

There are those who have already improved a lot when first touched by Jesus, but not enough. Adam’s sin led us away from the Source of good, but the covenant done by Christ delivered us from Satan´s nature. Thus, man can be free from the forces of darkness; just receive the Lord into your life. Many people need the second touch, through which they will use their faith properly and free themselves from the harm caused by the enemy’s entry into the world.

Obey divine orders whenever the Holy Spirit touches you. Being led by Him should be everyone’s goal, this way, they would never go wrong. David often consulted the Most High on how to fight a war and never lost a single battle. Our goal in the battles we fight during our journey on Earth should be to emerge victorious from all of them.

There are all kinds of vanity under the sun. Many battles are lost because these feeling deceives God’s warriors, failing to follow the divine will. When choosing who our captain will be, we will succeed or lose. Whoever has his own corrupted nature as master will be a terrible worker. Choose the Most High!

Take on what you are told as God’s purpose, for in it there is a force prepared for your life even before the creation of the world. Allow the heavenly Father to guide your steps. Then, you will go from victory to victory. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you will be blessed. The Word says that the Almighty leads us in triumph (2 Corinthians 2:14). Thus, believe in Him!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, Revealer of Mysteries! When we hear You, we do Your will. Thus, Your power can act in us and through us without limits. Those who do not know You, or do not want to obey You, live distant from Your operations.

Father, call our attention every time You see us going astray and feel that our actions do not correspond to Your will. We need to serve You, without giving way to sin. You are our God!

If we still lack the touch that will make us see men as men, give it to us so that we have a clear vision. Reach us with Your blessed hand, delivering us from the enemy. May Your holy Kingdom be magnified!


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