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Let my mouth be filled with Your praiseAnd with Your glory all the day.   Psalm 71:8

By walking with God, you will never be short of His presence, nor will you let the devil be the lord of your walk. If there is any evil dominion in your life, it is a sign that at some point the Word has been set aside, and surely the serpent has already arrested you. Why let Satan daily inject his poison into your heart when the Lord wants to make you a true worshiper who loves Him happily? Wake up, take the advice given by the psalmist and live.

The evil one has influenced many people who were genuinely called by the Most High to do the divine work. Some are picking crumbs from the streets; others, delivered to crime and death. I ask you, “Where do you think you are going with this stubbornness, with such misconduct?” Meditate on the Scriptures and act as they direct; otherwise, the Lord’s mercies will no longer protect him. You will cry but will not be answered. Those who are not listening to the Lord fail to enjoy divine blessings.

If there is anyone to be imitated, it’s David. Before becoming king of Israel, he was already seeking the Creator where his father’s sheep were. Although he was a young boy, he feared no one, not even the wild beasts that came to feed on his family’s herd. While he was a shepherd, he never lost a single animal from his pasture. And how will you act?

This young man, who became ruler of a nation by the Lord’s choice, always fulfilled his duties to Him. David prayed that the Most High would fill him with praise from Heaven; thus, everyday, he would feel the divine presence. So he had no time to even think about sin. This servant knew that evil attitudes would lead him to the devil, but praise would cause him to come to God, solve problems, and grow in grace!


Those who have the praise of God on their lips only say words of encouragement, turn away from error and reject temptation. It is as if one ascended step by step of a ladder, drawing us closer to the eternal Father. This effort strengthens the warrior of God on the inside, giving him the power to win any struggle – whether in the spiritual or the physical realm. With God in charge, you will not be ashamed in battle.

The son of Jesse desired the presence of the Lord daily. He wanted to go to the field in the power of God. At this meeting of faith, in which he participated as an expert harpist, he focused on fulfilling the divine plan. Now whoever acts in this way will never run from adversity, even if a “wild animal” tries to take something from him. David fought a lion and a bear, and killed them (1 Sam 17:37).

Get ready! When the opportunity arises to witness, do so, for God will honor you greatly. Do not forget that after a great fight, comes victory. You have been called to occupy the position given by the Most High! Now renew your vow with the Lord. He is waiting for you!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of praise and glory! After meditating on David's wishes, I understood why you gave all that he needed. We ask for vain things all the time. But from now on, we will not do that.

Fill our mouth with Your praise! We will not miss church meetings where you bless us and direct us. May Your hand be upon us today and forever. Receive from our lips the proper praise.

Your glory must be our rearguard; In this way, the enemy will not touch any of the sheep you have entrusted to us. We need your wisdom to use your power. Receive our worship! Amen!


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