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The righteous shall inherit the land, And dwell in it forever. Psalm 37:29

Those that consecrate themselves to God are always under His protection.  Being saints – separated for the Lord – they became His joy.  For those that belong to the Body of Christ it is wonderful to strive to be righteous and holy.  This way they will be visited and helped by the Almighty in their battles against the forces of evil.  God loves those that love Him and this means He will keep His promises.

Those who give themselves to wickedness having been widely used in the past by the Almighty feel that they are not well.  What´s worse is that they know that when they die they will go to Hell.  However, incredible as it may seem, this person seemingly drugged, has no strength to straighten their ways and for this reason marches to eternal suffering.  In these cases it is necessary to intercede for this person so that he or she is not lost forever. 

Sad is that the wicked will still be visited by evil for what they did against God.  If they do not repent and convert they will go to eternal death.  Along with their families they will be uprooted from the land.  Their descendants however, if they hear and listen to the Gospel will be saved.  In truth, the Almighty is merciful and will do everything so that they repent, convert and enjoy the fruits of salvation.

The opposite happens with those who take pleasure in walking in the righteousness of the Lord and for this reason are called righteous.  They are God’s delight. Even if the enemy tempts them in every manner, they will be counseled by the Holy Spirit to say no to temptations and be protected.  There is no comparison between the future of the servants of the Almighty and those who reject the Alliance in the blood of Christ, for the former will live delivered from evil. 

It is marvelous and wonderful to be in Christ, and His words to be in us.  This way we can ask what we want and it will be granted to us.  When the divine power ceases to operate in the life of a Christian he should enter immediately into prayer, asking the Lord to show him where he went wrong.  Since there is no evil in God, He will show this person their error so that they may repent, convert and abandon their sins.

In the battle against evil, the righteous are like the warriors of the Lord in the past, like David’s who were bold and daring sufficient to face the most difficult adversaries and be victorious! When a son of God is defeated there are two possibilities: 1. Perhaps he doesn’t know what to do to solve the problem. 2) It is possible he may be in sin. Those that persevere in faith are heir to the Land of Promise and possess the promises of the Almighty. 

By the love they have for God, and having kept all His commandments, the righteous will inherit the land and dwell in it for ever. From the moment that a person receives Christ as his Savior, he passes from death to life and will never be forgotten by Him. If you are not yet saved, accept Jesus right now as your Savior. Immediately thereafter you may consider yourself a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven, with all its rights and privileges.

In Christ, with love, 

R. R. Soares

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Lord of the righteous! We are grateful that You gave us the power to become sons of Yours.  Accordingly we will be workers of righteousness.  Therefore, there will be no force of the enemy capable of defeating us.  You are our true Shield!

You declare we are justified by the death of Christ and we will not perish.  Your Truth is like a shield for us which protects and keeps us from the devil and places us continuously under Your safety.  We have Your protection in the Land of the Promise!

Joy invades our hearts as we learn that we will dwell in Your presence forever.  Help us to understand even more our place in You so we can be rescued in our hour of need!


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