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As the Father loved Me, I also have loved you; abide in My love. John 15:9

We have been prepared to bear many fruits to our Creator. All we need to do is to be in Jesus, and He in us (John 15: 4). Then, when we feel that one of His many promises belongs to us, or to someone for whom we are praying, we need only determine the fulfillment of such promise and then believe that it will surely be fulfilled. This is how we will have it. The Savior said that the Father showed Him everything He did and therefore He did everything just like Him. We must see what God does!

Jesus showed the fig tree that it should bear fruit to Him, but it did not want to, therefore it was cursed (Mark 11:13, 14). Likewise, we often feel from God that we must do something, but, amazingly, we do not carry it out. This is very dangerous because, with that, there are chances of us receiving the same curse. Then, what will become of us? Now, we can only bear fruit if the Lord gives us this command. We must learn to listen to Him.

We definitely cannot live far from the Lord. If we are to act like Jesus, we can come to know His will and fulfill it by using His Name. We are living so far from God, and this is very dangerous. To be used, as Jesus was, is not something that can happen to us if He wants to. If such prerogative was registered in Scriptures, but has no condition of happening to us, then it is our duty to claim it.

Do not be afraid to ask the Father for something and seek it with all your heart, thinking that you will hear no from Him. Seek for the yes of the Most High. The Lord is not glorified when you shout a lot of halleluiahs, glories to God etc., but when you bear many fruits. If this does not happen, you will not be considered a disciple of Jesus. Those that are suffering need to know that you really do the work!

Is it wise to spend money on advertising, telling others that you are an envoy of God, if that is not true? What would be your opinion about a man who has many businesses and several children, but never engages them in his business, leaving them to idleness? Is this the mental picture you make of the Most High? Jesus said that He sent us just as the Father had sent Him (John 20:21). Have we prepared ourselves to fulfill the mission given to us or do we have more important things to do?

Jesus said that if we keep His commandments than we will abide in His love. Check to see what you are doing. Is your purpose only to be healed and to stop feeling pain; thrive to buy a house, a car or a farm? How have you dealt with divine precepts? If Christ had not obeyed the commandments, would he have remained in the love of the Father? Your decisions will show who you are, what you do and where you will spend eternity.

If you abide and fulfill the conditions of the Word of God, you will become a blessing just as Jesus was to all people during His days here on Earth. He had power to deliver them from problems and sufferings. The Lord’s purpose is to make of you a joyful person, with authority and anointing from on High, always living in God´s presence. Believe it!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, our Lord! We were sent into the world just as You sent Jesus. Christ fully fulfilled the mission entrusted to Him, and we do not even know what You have determined for us to do. We need Your guidance!

We have little knowledge of how to seek Your will: is it only for those who are part of the ministry, or is it also for us, known as laity? What is the truth? We do not want to be lacking with You.

Honestly, without Your help, we will live our life as we have done to this day. Then, on the great Day, we will be convicted for having done nothing. How can we devote our moments in a better way and carry out what You want us to do?


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