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To him the doorkeeper opens, and the sheep hear his voice; and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out.  John 10.3

In the previous verse, we are told that the Father acts as the doorkeeper of the sheepfold. He opened this door for Jesus to carry out our salvation. Now, we can go around the world to talk about divine love. After all, Christ said that He sent us as the Father sent Him, with the same mission and anointing (John 20.21). He will bring out the sheep, and we will shepherd them in His holy name.

It doesn’t matter where the Lord sends us; He will take care of everything and we will lack nothing. However, if we go somewhere under someone else’s direction, we will have problems, and the work will be man’s and not the Almighty’s. God doesn’t need us to help Him, but to be obedient and ready to fulfill His will. Whoever is led by the Lord will walk firmly, without stumbling over any stone.

As long as the doorkeeper does not release the entrance, nothing will be accomplished. This can happen in two ways: first, when He opens people’s understanding so that they seek His presence, understand the Word (Luke 24.45), and obtain faith to receive salvation and the other blessings prepared by Him: peace, healing, deliverance, and others.

Sheep can indeed hear the voice of the Good Shepherd and understand Him. Those flashes in which we can discern what He says make all the difference in our way of life. Some receive directions to make the most diverse and difficult decisions, which only God Himself could give. The Lord´s voice is sweet and gives complete confidence to His sheep. Thus, He can lead them in this dangerous world.

The second way is when God calls His sheep, such a call being personal and non-transferable. When this happens, they are sure that the advice has been addressed to them. When the divine voice commands us to do something, we cannot put it off until later. Besides transmitting the complete and clear command, the one who hears it knows how to proceed: Whoever keeps the commandment shall experience no evil; and the heart of the wise shall discern the time and the way (Ecclesiastes 8.5). Hallelujah!

Listening to the Lord means being able to leave the fold of perdition. Because he sold us to the devil, disobeying God, Adam lost contact with the Almighty, and this extended to his descendants. Thus, all were restricted to the day when the Son of God would come to take them out of this situation. In the fold, man would be judged by his conscience. Now, with the door open, everyone can live completely free (John 8.36)!

Do not stay any longer in the fold of the world, for there is no salvation there. The Father of Glory has opened the door for you to be a sheep of Jesus Christ’s shepherding, so say yes to His invitation and let Him bring you out!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! We don't want to stay where we have to depend on obedience that few can fulfill. We seek to be sheep washed in the blood of Jesus, Your beloved Son. We will never give up the salvation accomplished at Calvary!

When we hear about Christ, we rejoice exceedingly, and a light is born for us that will never go out, but will continue to shine in our hearts. The best thing is to be at Your side, fulfilling Your direction, filled with Your Spirit!

You have opened the door for us, so we listen to You precisely. Thus, we will be obedient children. Lead us out of the fold, to be fulfilled in You. We love You, beloved Father!


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