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Let Israel now say, “His mercy endures forever.” Psalm 118:2

The psalmist addresses this verse to Israel, calling on them to declare that the Lord’s kindness is forever. The Creator, in making the Heavens and the Earth, and man from the dust of the earth, saw that this was good. However, temptation came to Eden, and the devil entered the world, upsetting everything. However, the Son of God changed our sad fate. After all, because of sin, the lake of fire and sulfur would be our eternal home. Jesus was successful in His mission of love for us.

The Lord did not want us to tell stories, but that we go among the wolves and bear witness to the Truth. Christ did this, doing wonders wherever He went. Even where no one expected Him, He went, sought out those in suffering and healed them. We haven´t done as the Savior commanded, but what we think is good. Thus, we are unable to do the same works He did. Woe to us!

There is no time to waste, for the Lord’s return is at hand! With each passing minute, a multitude of people die without Christ and enters eternity with no chance of going to Heaven, because we did not go to these people to demonstrate the power given to us. Will we be saved if we continue to act like that? Is Jesus happy with what we call God’s work, or do we not even care about His opinion? Woe to us!

Among the nations, the Lord chose Israel as His people, because Abraham heard the divine voice, left his land and went to one that would be shown to him. Why don’t we obey? The Master clearly said what we should do: Go to all the world, preach the gospel to every creature (Mark 16:15), but we don´t do as He wishes. Do our actions show that we follow that command? Where is the power that will dazzle the world? Woe to us!

Jacob lost his birthright still in his mother’s womb, but he came into the world holding his brother’s heel (Genesis 25:26), as if to say, “I will supplant you!” When he fought the Lord because of the promise that was revealed to him, his name was changed to Israel – the prince who fought God and prevailed (Genesis 32:28). Can we be called Christians – like Christ? Where are the same works that He did? What do you say?

It is time to proclaim that God’s mercy – His loving kindness for us – which lasts forever. We are not to be involved in the affairs of this life, but fulfill the will of the Almighty, doing what He commissioned us: to bear witness with signs and wonders, which will make people come to love God in truth. To Him be the glory!

The verse in this study was dedicated to the Church. This is the song of God´s Israel. We cannot sing another song, leaving the sweetest melody aside, otherwise we will go to the court of eternity to answer for the lives that were lost. We are part of the living hope and we have to please the One who loved us! If we leave it for others to do, how will we come before the Father? Watch, pray and believe!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of Israel! The battle between good and evil will be fought by those who believe and confess that they are Your servants, despite the threats from Hell. We need to talk about the things we have seen and heard.

We want to be ready to serve You, offering You our life. Thus, we will fulfill your command: Go! We need help not to return to sin or stand still, but to fulfill Your will.

We need to make amends with You and do Your good will to the ends of the Earth. Come and open our eyes, keeping us under Your protection. Take us where You want to and use us as You wish. Thank You, God!


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