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Oh, sing to the Lord a new song! Sing to the Lord, all the earth. Psalm 96:1

The Lord cares about all the details of our life, so we must examine the Scriptures carefully, because in them we find the appropriate guidance to respond safely to the proposals that come our way. The enemy knows the Holy Scripture and will try to make us find more time to look to the things of the world and less time to listen to the touches of the Holy Spirit to read the Bible.

Whoever examines the Word is more likely to get thiings right; after all, in His pages, you will learn God’s will for your life. The devil strives for Christians to consider the preaching in the church to be sufficient. We know that new things are created every day, and modern man wants to know them in order to be informed, but why not learn from the Author of life? Watch and pray!

By declaring that we should sing a new song to the Lord, King David referred to our speech. Most people never change the way they pray, nor do they care about the revelations of the Word. Consequently, Heaven does not answer their prayers. You must dedicate time to learn the Truth. Otherwise, the person can make decisions that will hurt them a lot. However, those who know the Truth are never ashamed!

Our daily attitudes are like songs sung to the heavenly Father. Being members of His Body, we are His, we exist and we move in and through Him. If our “praises” are like murmurs, we sadden Him; if they are negative, we hurt Him with our submission to the devil, causing the Lord to feel disgusted. However, if we are positive, they are true confessions of one who is a winner and, thus, we rejoice the Most High. When making decisions, remember what you will sing with them.

Every person on Earth should sing to the Creator with their preferences and words that come out of their mouth. It´s good when we sing beautiful songs to the Author of life, and not songs that exalt lust and promiscuity. God expects us to be wise to do good. If we praise evil, we are exalting the devil. Be a person who collaborates with others, not giving the impression that evil is winning.

In the Scriptures, we find everything we need to glorify the Savior, who died in our place, delivering us from the hands of the liar. Render the Lord the beautiful music that He places in your heart, and everything in you bless His holy Name. When you walk with God, you become a potential worshiper. But remember, two will never go together if there is no mutual agreement (Amos 3:3). What do you say?

The songs to be sung to the Lord must be like David´s Psalms, which glorify the Savior and bring good messages to those who are in trouble and need words to get them out of lies and other mistakes. Then, God will be magnified by the work He did when creating man to dwell here on Earth. Get ready to sing!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of the new song! How can we praise You with our lips, praising You with beautiful praises? Enough of old songs, in which the enemy is worshiped. May all people be influenced by our good praise. Thank You for helping us!

You deserve to hear beautiful messages from us, and whoever listens to them will love and serve You. We must not miss one single opportunity to fulfill Your purpose. You are the reason there are songs on our lips.

Help us so that evil will never be glorified when we open our mouth. May we be used to snatch some from the fire, giving them the chance to choose good for what they will see in us. We are grateful for Your love!


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