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Sing to the Lord, bless His name; Proclaim the good news of His salvation from day to day. Psalm 96:2

David, the greatest composer of the Psalms in Scriptures, was used by God, so that we would learn to give the Lord due honor. Now, our songs should be like that of Hannah, mother of the prophet Samuel, who fought with all her strength to bear a son and offer him to God. On the day she weaned him, she took him to the Lord’s house and sang the most beautiful song of her life, prophesying blessings to all.

The instruction is to sing about the greatness, the mercy and the good, pleasant and perfect will of God, which is the same for everyone. The purpose is to bless His holy Name, which is above all names. There is a power awaiting the one who glorifies Him. However, how can we praise Him, if we have not taken hold of such capacity? Praise must be for what the Lord does and is!

Whoever meditates on that holy Name and makes use of his rights in Christ has reasons to exalt the Lord. Why aren’t many people interested in learning about Him or using His Name? If they did, they would enjoy all the blessings prepared by the Most High for those who love Him. Do you want to be happy? Find out what belongs to you in Christ!

By magnifying the Name of the Son of God for any gift received, you not only act like an educated person, but you also learn what to do when you are attacked by evil. The psalmist knew the secret to receive more from God simply by magnifying Him. The King of eternity does not like cheap praise, but teaches us to be grateful to receive more and more from Him.

David said that everything in him should bless the holy Name of the Lord (Psalm 103:1), for he had tasted how good it was to have this song on the tip of his tongue. Failing to do so will deprive you of using divine power when the enemy attacks you. It is good to be prepared to respond with authority to the attacks from the hellish kingdom. With Jesus, you will never be forsaken, but you will be helped.

The song addressed to God must announce salvation from day to day, speaking of the blessings in store in the death of Jesus. Those who are grateful to their heavenly Father are rewarded with more wisdom – otherwise, they would not receive it. May the praises we sing even in the form of prayer bring, directly from the throne of God’s glory, answers to all those in need.

It´s good to be ready to be used by the Lord at all times, because even a testimony can be a spokesperson for a message that will change the lives of many people. Those who serve with joy and in the simplicity of faith in Christ become workers of the goodness and love of God, capable of changing lives and leading the lost find salvation in Jesus.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of salvation! The work of redemption fulfilled on the cross of Calvary was necessary for man to come out of the perdition brought on by Adam's sin. We no longer have to be upset about the fall of Eden, because we have left the wicked kingdom.

Today, we can call you Father, live in Your presence and get rid of the works of evil. Nothing can get us out of Your presence, because we are no longer condemned. Now, Your will is that we live as children of light, obeying You in everything.

Our life must be a beautiful song dedicated to You! May Your Name and glory be mentioned in all our deeds! Therefore, we ask for Your mercy. We need to give You due praise. Halleluiah!


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