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At the noise of the tumult the people shall flee; When You lift Yourself up, the nations shall be scattered;.  Isaiah 33:3

Psalm 29 gives us a light on the power of God’s voice, declaring that glory and praise must be given to the Lord. It happens when we confess His Word. Thus, the holy angels take action to fulfill the task delegated to them (Ps 103.20), and we are the beneficiaries. Upon hearing the loud divine voice, the evil kingdom and its demons are frightened and desperately flee like birds stunned by a great noise.

The Lord is heard over the waters – the sound of our movement as we read the Scriptures, meditate on them, and confess them. As we declare the Word and determine that it be done, as Jesus did in blessing the deaf (Mk 7:34), the power of God completes the work. Those who do not prepare to fulfill their calling will never experience divine operations. This is the holy secret!

You cannot imagine how demons tremble when they are doing evil to someone, and a Christian rises against them, affirming what the Lord reveals. Even the devil retreats as we speak as Christ has spoken (Matt. 4:10, 11). Satan and his helpers cannot stand it when a servant of God speaks in the Name of Jesus. The steps of one who is directed by the Most High multiply (2 Kings 7: 3-6). He is faithful!

Evil spirits may be destroying a family, or a nation, for years; but when God’s servants take the proper position and lay hold of the Word, evil comes out immediately. Through the believers, the majestic voice of God will cause the adversary to flee; after all, this is the ministry given by the Lord to his children. So speak up!

If man does not exalt the Most High, nothing will happen. In Psalm 30 David speaks of a time when he was very sick, but he cried to the Lord and exalted Him. Then it was healed (Ps. 30:1-2). Try to confess the Father’s statements about your position in Him, and you will see that the enemy will not stand it and will, in fear, flee from your presence. Never fear evil; know that you were made God’s minister to glorify Him!

It is easy to become a victorious Christian; it is enough to assume, believing in the promises of the Most High concerning you (Rom. 8:37). Satan hates a Christian in the position of child of God. Do not beg your blessing, just take possession of your rights in God’s family. That way, the lost blessings will come quickly, and you will be surprised.

It’s time to leave the enemy in his place, that of the defeated, and take yours, the victor. Jesus said that whatever we ask for – require, determine, and command – in His Name He will do for us Himself (John 14:14). So get up and cast out all the evils of your life, and then believe that this has happened!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of the mighty voice! We are deceived by those who do not confess Him as Lord or know You. Now we have a basis for making the evil kingdom retreat: giving voice to Your Word. Be exalted!

To the demons we say: in the Name of Jesus, get out of our lives, take all that belongs to you and do not return. No evil force will torment us. We declare ourselves healed, delivered, and saved in the Name of Jesus!

We are grateful that you make things work so simply and give us your power. At this time we demand that all evil never attack us again. We are set free and therefore we exalt You! Amen!


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