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So he crouches, he lies low, that the helpless may fall by his strength. Psalm 10:10

The Lord reveals the danger that the devil, or those he uses, represent to us, and describes him as a lion ready to attack. Pay attention to what God teaches you, so temptation won’t fool you. When Satan is ready to attack, you’ll think his offer is simple, something that is coming to help you. However, this “simplicity” – the moment he withdraws – is a death strategy, which will surely lead you to forbidden pleasures.

Many sons of God are naïve and get stuck in the threats of hell. They don’t know what the Word says about the devil’s actions, so they surrender into his hands. The devil is never tender, but always tears apart the soul. Those who give in to temptation will end up with scars that will be forever shameful, especially if they don’t seek cure from the Most High for these unwanted, but real and tormenting marks. The Lord is faithful to protect us!

The love of God for His children is unconditional, but He will never ignore unconfessed sins. We must truly repent. When there is repentance, followed by true confession and rejection to what was done, people are back in communion and peace with the loving Father. If you’ve committed transgression, get into prayer, seek the people who harmed you in any way and make things right with them while there’s still time (Luke 12:58). Don’t waste time!

After he withdraws, the enemy hides so you won’t realize he was, and is, behind sinful acts. He doesn’t want you to see his plan: to devour and reduce you to eternal condemnation. His strategy has led many people to enjoy what he does. All he is interested in is to have your life your life in his hands. Run away as quick as possible from all of evil’s offers!

The devil doesn’t care if you condemn him; if you make jokes or have negative thoughts about him. Satan’s character is evil, and what you think or say about him makes no difference. As an evil salesman, he wants to buy you at all cost. Your value is unimaginable, because since you were created in the Most High’s image, you have His image, and it would be a trophy for the enemy if you suffered by his side forever. Lord have mercy!

The Word declares that the claws of the evil one are strong. This means that no one can be free from these claws by themselves. They shatter with such ferocity, that they’re compared to lion’s claws, which tear apart a prey’s meat so it will be ready to eat. The number of people who are devoured by the devil is astronomic, not counting the ones who can’t find joy in life anymore and live full of wounds and lesions. Search for Jesus now!

There is still time to escape from the predator using the only means possible: our faith in Christ. Man can do nothing to free someone from the devil’s dominion. On our own, we can do nothing against hell; everything we try to do will be illusory. God fulfills what He promises. The Savior wants to give you life in abundance (John 10:10). Make the most out of it!

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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God, Deliverer and Restorer! Those who are victims of the devil need You. Only Your mercy can free them from the mouth of this ruthless and lying being. The fight is greater than we imagine, so help us receive complete deliverance.

The evil one is hidden in the lives of many people, and they are eating the worst food possible, which is offered to them in a subtle way. Father! Why don’t they wake up to reality? Many are living as if they were hypnotized, marching on to the slaughterhouse.

Only You know the plans of the evil one and can deliver the prey from evil’s strong claws. Those who fall into them die little by little. But through Your mercy, You free them forever. Bless those who are praying with me now, asking for Your favor and help. Amen!


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