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01/06/2023 - THE TERROR OF GOD

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And they journeyed, and the terror of God was upon the cities that were all around them, and they did not pursue the sons of Jacob.  Genesis 35.5

After Jacob invited his entire family and the people living under his authority to leave that land and seek the God who had appeared to him and promised to be with him, they set out towards Bethel, and the terror of the Lord was upon those around them. Take a definite stand to meet the Creator, and you will find that your oppressors will no longer be a threat to you, but will respect you.

Let the Lord deal with those who can do you harm, and you will see that such a person will never touch what is yours. The true servants of the Lord will be well received wherever they go, because God will open doors for them and guide them. After all, they have a pure and dedicated heart for God’s work. So, make the decision to reject error and give yourself to holiness – you have been made king to the Almighty (Revelation 5.10).

Believe that now, God is doing the work of salvation in your life; with this, His terror will be against the forces of the enemy. You will pass by unnoticed, for the Lord will guard you all the way. One by one, those who fight against you will fall to the ground, and most of the time you will not even realize it. Continue to give the Most High the opportunity to be your Shepherd, remembering that He is the Man of War!

On Jacob’s journey toward the House of God, Bethel, it was as if he, his family, and his servants were invisible. Those who opened their eyes and saw that they could harm them, inexplicably, simply did not feel that they should provoke them. Just as Pharaoh could not touch Sarah, the princess of the Lord, no one will touch you or yours. Go ahead believing that the same attention given to the patriarch will be given to you.

Your fiercest enemies will forget about you, because with each step towards the light, the Lord’s light will shine more and more in your favor: For with You is the fountain of life; In Your light we see light (Psalm 36.9). Why be afraid of the kingdom of darkness and its threats, if the Father is your Strength, your Fountain of life, and the full Light that you need? God is with those who believe in His promises and cry out for them.

Suddenly, every son of Jacob, wife and concubines began to proceed in the way he wanted, pulling out their earrings from their ears and their idols and giving them to the patriarch, who buried them in Shechem. The name of the one who harmed Dinah would be a symbol of the graveyard of the gods who still feared. Will God hear you, if you hand over the false gods to Him? Proceed, holy man!

This message did not come to you by chance. It is the message from the Most High that your path is clear of thorns, stones, and other things that hell has used to make you fail. Your Bethel is near, so seek and strive for the great change in your life. The Lord will use you greatly!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord, our terror! Beautiful was the journey of Jacob and his valiant ones. The adversaries who breathed death threats against Your heirs no longer looked at them as their victims, but as their executioners and feared them!

With each step, they drew closer to the Light, Your Bethel, and faith increased and strengthened their hearts. The plans of Hell did not succeed against them, but Your love was perfected more and more in those simple people who decided to love You!

We are grateful that You do the same with us. Satan's plans can never prevail against Your Church, and we are Your flock on this blemished world. Greater things will happen to us, but You are around us like a wall of fire.


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