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Your throne is established from of old; You are from everlasting. Psalm 93.2

Of one thing we can be sure: the throne of the Lord is established; it will never waver; and the enemy is defeated and will not rise. We have everything to carry out the divine work without fearing hell, which by the way, was annihilated by the Savior and will continue to be so. Our victory cannot be questioned, because Jesus conquered it in our place. Now, we are the winners!

Jesus is clothed in majesty, for when He alone, on the cross, faced darkness and defeated it, stripping the devil of the authority he had stolen from us when tempting Adam and getting him to obey him. The Second Adam, Christ, didn’t fall into temptation and having annihilated the one who was able to destroy us, He made us children of God (Romans 5.12-17). All glory to the Lord!

The Savior has clothed and girded Himself with fortitude in such a way, that we can now take revenge on him who oppressed us by casting him out of the lives of those who ask us for help. The battle of faith is intense, but it is worth – to witness crowds deciding for the Son of God. What interests us most is to see the lost ones find salvation.

After the defeat of the petulant enemy, who made himself out to be powerful, we are more than conquerors in Christ (Romans 8.37). We will give the devil no room in our lives, because we know that we are a “closed garden” in God’s hands. The throne of the Lord has been unshakable ever since the day of the Savior’s victory and will never waver. Our loving Father is a tremendous God, isn’t He?!

As for the threat boasted by the devil – of making the earth move – this is also a lie, because it is written that the world is firmly established (1 Chronicles 16:30). Everything that God has planned will come to pass, without the slightest possibility of it moving. With Him, there is full confidence, tranquility and operations in favor of the heirs of salvation. Rejoice! When God closes a door, no one can open it! (Revelations 3:7).

Satan never ceases to tempt people, to make them doubt the Lord´s promises. Now, God says that even though a mother may forget her child, He will never forget those who love Him (Isaiah 49.15). Although the evil one struggles day and night to take the Christian out of the hands of the Most High, he will never succeed. Not all the demons together, doing their best, will succeed in separating us from God´s love, which is in His Son (Romans 8.38,39).

The Lord is ever since eternity. He reigns with power and holiness. In Him is our strength, thus, we will never be shaken. Every time evil visits you, don’t bother to think that your end has come. Every Christian has been given the authority to rebuke the evil force and reject the lies of the devil. We are the people who know only victory. Rejoice! The throne of the Most High is established.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Beloved God! It is good to be a subject of Your Kingdom, where You rule with unquestionable power. You are clothed and girded with fortitude; therefore, we will not fear the enemy. We give You praise for everything!

Your majesty is unquestionable, impenetrable and invincible to the adversary. Glory, honor and power belong to Your. You are God and You promise You will never leave us. You will be with us every day, until the end of times!

To You, who are from eternity, we cry out with all our heart. We thank You because You let us know that we don't have to fight the devil, but rather, enjoy all that Jesus has done for us in His death. Father - that's a lot, for someone who was nothing!


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