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13/02/2020 - THE TITHING VOW

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And this stone which I have set as a pillar shall be God’s house, and of all that You give me I will surely give a tenth to You. Genesis 28:22

After understanding that you find yourself in a certain place by obedience to the Savior, who traces your path, God Himself makes His home from there. So take the opportunity to get right with Him. Those who live far from the Most High need to put many things in order with Him. Then your heart will no longer condemn you for past situations, but you will enjoy a peace that only the Lord of lords can give you.

Jacob was on the path of obedience, so he could not murmur or fail to do what God desired. Know that the rebels move away from the Almighty. By allowing us to be in His house, the Lord shows that He is pleased with us. Therefore, we can rest easy in His presence. A reminder to those who began their faith in Christ recently: when tested, they must stand firm, unshakable.

Many times, the struggle for subsistence – to have your rights honored and to live honestly and godly – takes your good purpose from your heart. Then it must be reaffirmed in confession. Being dazzled by the beautiful vision of spiritual reality, Jacob felt he had to be right in the case of tithing and confirmed that he would give God the ten percent of all that came in to his hand.

Examine yourself and see where you have failed. Disconnected from God, you will not get His favor. Revelations need to be put first (Matt. 6:33). Failure to practice biblical teachings will disconnect you from the Lord. Not surprisingly, when the lost, when they want to speak ill of the Gospel, refer to tithing in a negative way. Their father – the devil – knows that without resources the church is prevented from fulfilling its noble mission.

Something simple, like the stone placed by Jacob as a headboard, served as a pillar for the House of God. Do not diminish the power of Heavenly Father’s words, because upon them the House of God in you will be built. Do not try to “improve” the actions of the Omnipotent. He uses everyday things and examples to reveal His wisdom.

To pray to the Lord, do not use terms to try to impress Him; after all, He knows everything. Never talk about matters you do not know well, but ask and wait for His direction. The best way to cry out is to say what you have learned in the Bible. Jesus receives no glory or testimony from man (Jn 5:34,41). Speak only what He tells you!

After discovering your mistake, get right with God and confidently live in that faith. He appeared to you for this reason (Ac 26:16). We will never guess the divine plan for us, but we will receive it by reading and meditating on the Scriptures. What the Lord has planned for your life is infinitely better than the coveted job for all. He is a good Father!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord, whom we honor! Jacob was amazed when he saw what happens in the Kingdom of the Spirit. Thus, He has decided to place the stone used as a pillar for Your house. Do in our behalf what is necessary for our life to be saved.

We need to have contact with You, receiving forgiveness of sins and feeling Your power working. We need Your blessings to praise You and show Your precious love.

As for tithing, we will never keep the house of Your house. We will give to you what belongs to Your Kingdom. This blessing will be delivered as orders! Help us have the ability to receive what you give us. It is good to recognize that you do us good!


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