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Now John himself was clothed in camel’s hair, with a leather belt around his waist; and his food was locusts and wild honey. Matthew 3:4

Let the Lord lead your life, and you will be very successful. Thus, even your way of dressing and eating will be noticed. John the Baptist was the voice that cried in the wilderness. What God determined for him to do was seen from every angle, and it was helpful in fulfilling his call. It is important to watch and pray not to speak or practice what is disapproved by the Most High.

God’s servants should have good judgment in their dress, avoiding wearing scandalous and provocative clothing. They need to be sober without being influenced by the fashions that have passed or will come. Sobriety is knowing how to behave in front of people without using visual provocation or words from the enemy. Usually you know someone by the way he dresses or talks. Pray, for the Lord will assist you in everything!

Paul said that women should be sensible, dressing decently and simply (1 Tim. 2: 9). The same rule applies to men; otherwise they can also provoke sensuality and lust. Christ asserted that scandals would be inevitable, but woe to him by whom they come (Luke 17: 1). Both those who buy the clothes as well as those who make and sell them will have to explain in court. Mercy!

The preacher does not have to wear designer clothes to be considered a man of God, but to speak according to the Scriptures. Often a priceless piece leads the weak, who know how much it costs, to condemn those who wear it. Now we are not in the world to give shows, but to do the divine will: to save the lost. Therefore, we should never use or have something that scandalizes the weak minded.

They could say nothing of John the Baptist, for he was simplicity in person. However, the power he spoke of impacted his listeners. The people went into the wilderness to hear him speak of God’s love. That should guide our ministry, not an expensive wristwatch or a spiky diamond on the lapel. Why eat meat if it will weaken anyone? Seek the direction from on high and you will be a reference for someone successful in the faith.

Times change, but the will of the Lord never. What the needy see in us will make a big change in them. Anyone who is proud, arrogant, and does not treat his neighbor well will scandalize many, to the point that they no longer seek the Most High. Do not let anything stop you from succeeding in the faith. Nothing can hinder the Lord’s work. Because we are the heavenly voice in this world, we must be good examples.

No matter what natural garment we choose – whether it is expensive and beautiful, or cheap and simple. In fact, we must cover ourselves with God’s anointing, which will be given us if we seek it. In the world we will have afflictions, but as the Lord overcame, so will we. After all, we owe the same works performed by Him!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, our Master! Give us Your direction to live the way you please. We are Your voice, so we need the anointing to not speak in the wind. With Your help our works will be steadfast in Thee!

May we never leave respect and love to You! All that we need to live godly has been given to us. We need to be the people that the people expect to know because of Your covering, which resides and operates in us.

Give us holiness, sobriety and other virtues. Then we will be Your servants and representatives when people are attacked by the evil one. We must be examples of love and purity to society. Help us grab some of the fire!


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