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For Heshbon was the city of Sihon king of the Amorites, who had fought against the former king of Moab, and had taken all his land from his hand as far as the Arnon. Numbers 21.26

Some things in our lives, which we consider phenomenal and through which we are praised, should never have occurred. Many get rich in a great way, but without proper preparation to have and manage such wealth, they get lost completely. Families see life change suddenly. Before, they were united and happy, but suddenly, because they had no structure to endure temptations, they were completely destroyed. Was it worth it?

One such case occurred with the Amorite king Sihon, who conquered much of Moab and then found himself entitled to refuse Moses´ request to allow the Israelites to pass through his land (v. 22,23). Sihon was full of pride in his heart and said no to the humble request made by God’s servant. If he had conceded, he probably would have remained alive, and his territory would not have been taken or diminished at all. It´s so productive to be good!

Sihon not only denied authorization to the man of God, but also rallied his people to fight against those who had the Man of War with him, the Almighty. So his fate was disastrous: none of his people survived.  So many lives will spend eternity in the lake of fire and brimstone because of the foolish decision to say no to God! Nothing justifies such foolish reply, for it did not help the one loved by the Lord. Poor man!

Who can fight against the people whose God is Omnipotent? Sihon wounded with the edge of the sword, and his territory was taken. Why was this king so stupid? Shortly before, he had gone to war against Moab, descendant´s of Lot, Abraham’s nephew, and gained victory by taking much of their land. Now, by his refusal to let Israel pass and yet go fight God’s people, he and his people no longer exist!

Sihon’s victory over Moab was great, and such news was spread throughout the region, inviting the people to go to his kingdom to build Heshbon and fortify it. Upon hearing the invitation, many must have sold their goods and turned to the new land. But these too didn´t succeed. It is always good to pray to the Lord for guidance. Anyone who goes after propaganda can end up in a bad position. God knows all things!

Moab had its shortcomings, although they were related to the Israelites. Lot, their patriarch, knew that it was not a good thing that  he set his eyes in plains of  Sodom. Now his own, even knowing that the God of Abraham had made them rich, did not believe in Him. Chemosh was their god, and that angered the Lord. In the battle against Sihon, Chemosh could do nothing for them, because he was just a demon sent to deceive and defeat them.

One of the errors of the king of Moab was the lack of appreciation for his people, especially the young boys and girls. While Sihon took his land, the Moabite king delivered the young men so that the king of the Amorites did not advance. Whoever has no regard for his people will not be helped by the Lord!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Man of War! It is good to have You as our God. When struck by an enemy´s dart, we can plead for Your help and receive Your help. We must love and praise You for it!

The Moabites, whose origin was sinister, born of incest, did not seek You. They knew what had happened to their ancestor, but they still sought a false god. Poor lives! They gave themselves to one of Satan´s representative. But we are Yours!

Sihon boasted of victory over the weak king of Moab. If he had repented and sought You, You would have helped him. May we never forget You, great and true God!


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