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So it was, when the Angel of the Lord spoke these words to all the children of Israel, that the people lifted up their voices and wept.  Judges 2.4

What a meeting! The Angel of the Lord was the same one who had guided Abraham’s first steps in his search for the true God, who walked with him during the pilgrimage in search of the city whose builder was the Creator himself. This spiritual being also delivered him from shameful and evil situations, as when Pharaoh and Abimelech wanted to take Sarah (Genesis 12:10-20; 20:1-18). All this showed the patriarch that God is the faithful Friend.

The Angel reminded them that the promise was that the Lord’s covenant with the Israelites would never be invalidated. However, they did not keep their part of the promise to never make a covenant with the inhabitants of Canaan, the Promised Land to God’s people. This mistake was serious, to the point that the Angel said that he would no longer expel those people from there, and they would be like thorns in the backs of the Israelites. Breaking the covenant with the Almighty hurts too much! 

Why do we perform similar actions if we are warned that we need to turn away from evil? (Proverbs 16:17). Now, we reap what we sow, but we have ignored this truth. If we make an effort to walk with God, we will never have serious problems. If we listen to Him, we will eat the best of the Kingdom of Heaven (Isaiah 1:19). However, we have been left with the worst: man’s production. It is time to get back to our roots and start walking with the Most High again.

When the Angel pointed out their error, they came to their senses and wept. Weeping is a sign of repentance, which leads us into the arms of the most holy God. Why allow ourselves to be tempted, if the future of this act is eternal separation from the Creator? What will we gain? Bitter separation from the One who is the Source of the good life promised to us forever and ever. Come back home right now!

What happened to the Israelites in the past will happen to the rebels. Think about it, we can be what He has planned, not crumbs scavengers. Adoni-Bezek is not our Lord; this king is the devil´s personification (Judges 1:5-7). Those who have gone down the road of disobedience already receive the just treatment, no answers from the power of God!

Truly, the Lord’s mercies are the cause for us not being consumed (Lamentations 3:22,23). The saved person must live close to the only One who is good and really loves him. The bad things that hang over us show that we have left the good path, where the unclean can never pass over it (Isaiah 35:8). Unfortunately, we have allowed the evil one to enter our territory and contaminate it. Father, we cry out for mercy!

The Angel came to make them see the mistake they were making and to get out of that wrong path. Likewise, the Lord has made us see that many of our decisions are outside His will. This is why it is crucial that we return to His powerful arms and be freed from Satan’s snares!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of true repentance! We need to tell You what we have done wrong, to get out of bad situations. Our actions have not been according to Your plan. Forgive us and rescue us!

We never want to have the enemy over us, nor follow his directions, but to live within Your nest. No more planning, no more fighting with our own efforts, and then see that we have achieved nothing. We need to walk by Your side!

We raise our voices to weep at our unhappiness, because we have stopped following Your Word. Therefore, we have been whipped with thorns. We are the prodigals of life, but we long to be welcomed back. Lord, accept Your children!


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