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And in Your majesty ride prosperously because of truth, humility, and righteousness;And Your right hand shall teach You awesome things. Psalm 45:4

In describing the Savior, the psalmist used more than poetry; he made use of a complete and faithful description of the One who is more than wonderful and has power to do beyond what we think or ask. Just as the Lord did not spare ability by creating all things in the Heavens and Earth, the psalmist did not spare any effort by praising Him who is more competent, expert, and skilled than all those born here.

The beauty of Jesus can only be described in its entirety by Who is complete. When He was created by the Father, the Son of God received grace in His lips (verse 2), and then, being the Word of God, He created everything with perfection. No work was done without Him, and with that ability in His lips, He is preparing a place for us, that we may be at His side for ever and ever. Halleluiah!

By saying that God has blessed His Son forever (verse 2), the Father has given us the assurance that Jesus will never lack the ability to sustain all things and receive us in the heavenly heights, from which we will never leave. Those who do not humble themselves under this potent hand live below what they could enjoy here and in eternity will not only embitter the punishment, but will also miss the great opportunity to be happy. Is it worth changing it?

The Spirit of God gives us an inspiration when telling the Son of God that He should bind His sword to the thigh, to the making of the soldiers who went to battle. In the same way, He guides us to be ready to perform the good works planned by the Most High. Thus, we will be partakers of the fulfillment of His will here on Earth. It is important not to lose the battles He allows us to fight.

Jesus comes to help us, girded with the Word, the Sword of the Spirit. His garment is made with the glory and majesty peculiar to Him. We must also present ourselves to Him approved and clothed with the glory and majesty bestowed upon us in baptism with the Holy Spirit. We cannot let any sin, dishonesty or anything else prevent us from serving the Lord properly.

The Savior did not come into the world in any way, but submissive to the Father. It shows how God wants to see us in these days on Earth. It´s sad when He looks at us and sees that we are clothed with lust, and other evil attributes that we are not allowed. Like Jesus, we must ride happily for the sake of truth, meekness and justice. Strive, for so He has clothed us.

Just as the right hand of Christ would teach Him about awesome things, the power that has been given to us will also teach us, and then we will perform the same works done by Him in his days here and greater ones too. The important thing is to be aware that we are servants of a Lord who is Almighty at all times. Take care!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Glorious and prosperous Lord! It is good to hear and learn from You and give You the right to make copies of Your Son from us. He was clothed with all Your attributes, so we believe we will not lack anointing to represent You either!

We must go to battle, fulfilling Your will in its entirety. May we be aware of this, whenever we pray and are led somewhere to do Your will, even if in the wilderness!

Our mission has three fronts that cannot be wasted or forgotten: the cause of truth, meekness and justice. We are seated in Him who was taken up at Your right hand. Thanks for telling us!


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