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The words of his mouth were smoother than butter, but war was in his heart: his words were softer than oil, yet were they drawn swords. Psalm 55: 21

It is sad to see people yielding to the enemy and causing harm to their true friends (Psalm 55:12.13). When they listen to the devil, they stab them in the back, do not measure the consequences of their acts, and then wipe their mouths and declare that they have done no wickedness (Proverbs 30:20). No doubt the spirit of spiritual prostitution used them to undermine the plans of the Most High.

The alienation of some people comes to its height when, after having killed, they judge that their act was an act of worship to the Lord. “Innocently,” these villains apologize, claiming that the ends justify the means. Then, from one scandal to another scandal, they walk to the Judgment Seat of Christ, where Truth will prevail in His ultimate revelation. There, such people will hear the condemnation they deserve.

The city of God is full of violence and strife. The righteous have withdrawn from it because of the wickedness and malice in it. Error reigns where it should never be, and its authors do not even suspect that it was not the Spirit of God who instigated them. Out of their heart proceed wiles and deceit; the enemy acts freely in the performance of his unclean works (Psalm 55:10).

God will shatter and divide their  attempts, protecting the righteous and the innocent from their wickedness. Day and night, their cries do not reach the Holy Lord. Poor and deceived are those who do the will of the one who is contrary to the divine plan, the devil himself. Yet the Most High is right beside the beaten, deceived, and betrayed. Surely, the day of the reward of the righteous Judge will come.

Never associate with those who do not take pleasure in fulfilling the ordinances of the Scripture. This individual sees nothing wrong in those who have no pleasure in consecrating themselves to do good, whose practices are equal to those of the lost. But without holiness no one will see the Lord. In noticing any malignancy in some decision of these workers of iniquity, it is best to turn away from them. After all, does a spring send forth fresh water and bitter from the same opening? (James 3:11).

If the bad example has contaminated you, call on the Lord with all your heart. Because He is pure and holy, he will free the one who has become trapped to the fowler’s snare. Right now, God is waiting for your prayer to give you the necessary deliverance, preventing you from continuing to be commanded by the enemy. If you have gone too far, pray right now and make amends with the Omnipotent.

Your guilt is not as big as your deeds. The devil prepared someone who became a bad companion, whose mouth as soft as butter uttered words more tender than olive oil. But in his heart there was only war and swords that made him withdraw from the Lord. Acknowledge the work of the devil, and God will make you the person He has prepared you to be.

In Christ with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord, Deliverer of the oppressed! Why do people allow themselves to be carried away by the devil and turn away from You so much, into perdition? He who put evil in these hearts made them become the workers of the enemy. Mercy!

The city is full of violence and strife. They have brought to Your holy work the worst of mistakes. How long will wickedness reign, and the righteous suffer the lie of him who does not fear You? Arise Lord, to put an end to this.

The worship they give is offered to whom, if You are Righteous One? Why does the work of the wicked keep him covered with reason, while he languishes and walks towards the lake of eternal fire? I pray for their deliverance, because they are deluded by the devil.


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