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15/09/2019 - THE WIDOW´S VICTORY

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Yet because this widow troubles me I will avenge her, lest by her continual coming she weary me. Luke 18:5

One day Jesus told a parable about the duty of every human being: to pray without fainting. He used as an example what happened in a certain city, where there was a wicked judge who did not fear God nor respected any man. However, he yielded at the request of a persistent widow. Some say that the parables told by the Master were examples designed to give us a lesson, but I believe He spoke of real facts.

Since Christ was God with the Father, He knew all things. For me, by using the parables to teach, He spoke of events that had taken place. The example was alive, for there would never be any deceit in His words. Jesus knew of situations that could be used to teach us to walk in God´s way. He who has good judgment follows the Lord and becomes a conqueror.

The woman did not accept that a wicked magistrate would not judge her case. This shows us that we should never bow our head or consider our case lost. It doesn´t matter what the judge believes or doesn’t believe because his duty is to do justice. The widow did not take into account what he said or did, but what she was entitled to, so her persistence resulted in a positive answer. This is how we must behave. God is Faithful!

When seeking for her rights, the widow pestered that evil man. Who you are or what you do in life does not matter. If you need justice, fight for it, and one day the judge, wicked or not, will make the right decision. After all, every authority is a minister of God. Pray for those who will give the verdict on your lawsuit. If you are right, bless that person.

That judge decided to do justice, so that she would not bother him again. Likewise, if others deny your right, they will figure out how to proceed if you do not give up. There is only this way to receive what you plead in a clean and righteous way, receiving the sentence of the one who was placed in the chair of judgment. He may be iniquitous, but he will not endure your pestering. 

The magistrate was aware that it was better to give in and judge that case. It doesn´t matter how much you have to look for an authority to give you what you are entitled to; do not give up on your rights. God is not evil, and He is always glad to do justice; therefore, pray and believe that you will be answered.

Go to the Lord and place your reasons before Him as many times as you need. It´s also good not to be overcome by Satan´s wickedness, but always rebuke him, as well as his demons, demanding that they take their hands from what belongs to you. Then, suddenly, you will see the problem solved. Whoever trusts the heavenly Father will always win. What will your attitude be?

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, our Lawyer! You defend our cause, although everything shows that we will not succeed. If we have the right, we will not be harmed at trial. Help us to not allow anything to draw us away from You.

We know that You will defend us, thus, we will be rewarded with the favorable decision. We do not want to walk out of Your presence nor give up on what is ours.

Standing before You, we can fight for what is right. Thus, Your good words concerning us will be fulfilled, and we will glorify Your Name. You are blessed, for You rescue us and makes us conquer what we need. We are grateful that You truly love us!


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