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05/04/2021 - THEIR OWN WAYS

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Who in bygone generations allowed all nations to walk in their own ways. Acts 14:16

Before Jesus came to free us from sin and slavery to Satan, God allowed humanity to walk in its own ways, for people would be judged by the law of their own conscience. But when the fullness of time arrived, God sent His Son to suffer on behalf of humanity. That way, all who believe in Him are completely saved and delivered from all evil. God honors His Word!

Such permission is in the past. Today, only those who receive Jesus as their Savior are saved. To be judged by the law of conscience back then wasn’t any better than living in Christ today, but rather, an escape so all who lived decently and honestly would be free from perdition. Salvation in Jesus is better than the situation those people lived in, before Calvary happened.

Those who believe in what the Word says about the work of the Son of God when He died on the cross can be delivered from any kind of evil, because His work grants them the right. However, it is necessary to submit to what He did on our behalf, to claim healing and take possession of the blessing in faith. This isn’t hard, but it must be done with firmness and determination. The Lord will honor your faith!

The saved ones don’t live as they were heading to uncertain places anymore, because since they received the Lord, they will never be confused. Believing in the Word brings certainty that we will be helped in moments of necessity. Afterall, the Lord is our ever present help in trouble (Psalm 46:1). Christians are on their way to celestial Jerusalem; they’re taking what belongs to them according to Scriptures and that’s why they’re called the joy of the Most High (3 John 1:4). God is faithful!

If you haven’t been saved yet, take the redemption offer the Lord sends to those who want to live with Him eternally. Now, that doesn’t mean you will be free from evil automatically. If you do nothing to be freed from the attacks of the enemy, he will continue to hit you. Remember that Christ was tempted time after time. When the devil thought it was the right time to bring Him down, our Master rebuked him with Scriptures.

The devil can’t dominate those who were delivered by their faith in Jesus. However, if people stop believing and demanding their rights in Christ, without a doubt, the evil one will bring them down with his strategies. Jesus said that we’d face afflictions in the world, but He also said we should be of good cheer, because He had overcome the world (John 16:33). Never allow your heart to be frightened. Cheer up with the declarations of the Lord and move on to be victorious in your battles.

God truly loves you and He wants you to be a new creation. When fears and other malign works cease to exist in your life – which happens when you resist the devil – you will see that the Lord worked effectively on your behalf. He is faithful to fulfill His promises. So stand firm in the Most High, without moving from your position!

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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Lord of our ways! When we received Jesus as our Savior, we became Your children and we’re protected by Your power. The evil one won’t surprise us and he can’t come against us, because You are the shield that protects us from evil.

Thank You for making us a part of Your body and for guiding us into Your kingdom, through our faith in Christ. We lack nothing! However, without Your wisdom, we won’t go anywhere. Allow us to participate in Your holy power!

We are grateful for Your deeds, even if we’ve never took on our rights in Christ. The salvation we receive through the blood of Your Son is better than the time humanity was judged by its conscience.


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