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Then Rebekah and her maids arose, and they rode on the camels and followed the man. So the servant took Rebekah and departed. Genesis 24: 61

God guided all the preparations for Isaac and Rebecca to marry, making everything perfectly planned. It would be good if people followed the heavenly direction. Thus, there would be no drawbacks during the marriage. That union glorified the Lord, who enabled the fulfillment of the plan of redemption for men. When Isaac and Rebekah did what was right, the Most High was glorified.

Abraham’s servant had received specific commands from his master as to what to do. Now, we are candidates to be part of the Lord´s Bride. At the same time, we must act as servants of the Most High to find others who will also take part in the great marriage in eternity. We do not seek physical beauty, but a heart willing to love the holy God.

Rebekah’s firmness, when questioned by the family if she would go with the servant of Abraham, surprised them. Feeling that it was from God, she did not bother to follow Abraham’s steward to an unknown place. In the same way, we must follow the Holy Spirit all the way to the great encounter with the Lord in the air. Like Isaac, our Bridegroom is in the field, praying and waiting for our arrival.

In Rebekah’s farewell, her parents and her brother blessed her, prophesying how her life would be: “And may your descendants possess The gates of those who hate them!” (Gen. 24: 60). Nothing will stop us from going where the Bridegroom is. As servants, we do not have to ponder or make suggestions. The Lord knows who we will win to be part of the group of the redeemed. There are no obstacles to fulfill our mission.

As a soldier on the battlefront, Rebekah stood up with her maidens and mounted the camels and followed the man who had been sent. We have to go with our helpers – the revelations given by God. They will aid us in the struggles to be waged until our meeting with the Beloved on the great Day. There was no weeping or crying, but obedience.

The servant took Rebekah, and from that moment on, she was committed to meeting her lifelong companion. The Holy Spirit has found us, and now, as we accept the divine offer, we must trust in Him. As the other Comforter, the Spirit will never leave us alone on the Way. The day will come when we will look up and see the One whom we belong to forever.

In the face of the beautiful and powerful examples of this love affair, we should follow the directions of the Comforter given in the Word. Our trajectory must be holy, because we will never be a part of this Holy being unless we are clothed with the same holiness. Before the Final Day, let us do the same works that Jesus did. Amen?

In Christ with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father of our Lord and Savior! There are many comparisons of what we are in You, but our greatest joy is knowing that the Church, composed of so many brothers washed in the blood of Jesus, is the Bride that will marry Your Son forever.

Let us be as firm like Rebekah was. Without any hesitation, she agreed to follow Abraham's servant. Thus, she went to meet her bridegroom, and when she saw him, she covered herself with a veil and joined him by Your holy commandment.

What marvelous precision was the walk of the patriarch's envoy, because even in his footsteps Your hand worked! May the same hand guide us, not allowing ourselves to be involved in anything that hinders our union with the Savior!


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