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Paul entered the synagogue and spoke boldly there for three months, arguing persuasively about the kingdom of God. Acts 19.8

As for the apostle, God was with him at Ephesus, for everything that happened indicated this.  As he saw the twelve disciples receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit without there being any exception to receiving the promised gift, Paul knew that the Lord was doing His will.  This too must happen to us today, for wherever the Almighty works His Word is revealed, honored and confirmed.  

This was the beginning of a mission that would bring much joy to God, and cause for festivities in Heaven. Through the Good Word the lost would find the Way, the saved would receive power and Hell would be shamed.  The words of the Almighty are always fulfilled and the enemy cannot stop the advance of the Church.  Besides, the Almighty would not remain distant because people were praying for days and months on end.  Wherever the Lord is, there is complete liberty and wondrous marvels are working.  

Hell knows that wherever God is present, its forces must beat a retreat.  When the Omnipotent acts, the devil has not condition to prevent the Church from taking up its position and space.  However, for this to occur, all must be united so that the mission is not disrupted.  We have to carry out what God planned, since we received His command to go throughout the entire world and announce the Gospel (Mark 16:15). Divine power will honor our determinations!

Perceiving that the time had come, Paul entered the synagogue and spoke boldly for three months.  Those who shirk and shy away due to what threats may occur, and act cowardly cannot be used by the Lord.  Gideon, for example cut down the pole of Baal in one night (Judges 6:23-30) which made his name known.  Elijah defied the prophets of Baal and the idol poles (1 Kings 18) and this again proved the following truth: only the Lord is God.  They acted in faith.

Nobody can think that simply by doing something in faith that God will use them.  It is the Most High’s initiative to start and to do anything in His field; we must seek His face and as we are directed we will not fear.  Why did the Lord baptize the twelve disciples at Ephesus?  To Paul that was a sign that he was pleasing the Heavenly Father and then boldly, in the Jews’ synagogue he spoke clearly about the Savior.

The apostle was debating with the Jews and persuading them about the Kingdom of God.  They could not say that they did not understand the message, because the anointment by the Holy Spirit that was on Paul assured them that the work was God’s.  Furthermore, the healing and signs worked on the ill and the oppressed by the devil were testimonies from Heaven.  We must show this same power today!

It needs be that men and women serve God in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:23), so that the message of the Gospel reaches all of humanity.  Many will be lost forever; therefore, we must fulfill the orders from Christ with precision and haste.  If not, we will be accounted for to Him on that Day. 

In Christ, with Love, 

R. R. Soares

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God and Lord! We jump in joy when we see Your hand at work.  Accordingly all come to know that You are in such fetes.  Your mission must be guided and fulfilled by You in order to be good and perfect.

In the Israelite’s synagogue, Paul spoke during three months, debating, disputing and persuading them concerning Your Kingdom.  If he had remained there any longer, the result would have been the same because they were not open to Your grace.

Those who refuse to be taught by You do not understand what it is to do Your will and all that is left for them is religious rituals, which leads to nowhere.  We want to be used in such a true manner as to honor You.


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