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22/12/2021 - THERE’S STILL MORE

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May the Lord God of your fathers make you a thousand times more numerous than you are, and bless you as He has promised you! Deuteronomy 1.11

After the days of enormous search for the Lord, we can believe that the blessing will increase more and more, because the prayer of God’s servant will be answered in full. Do not look with pessimism to that which seems impossible, but to the Most High, who has promised to do much more on our behalf: But Jesus looked at them and said, “With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible.” (Mark 10.27).

Who would have thought that two octogenarian brothers would be able to defy the greatest empire on Earth and convince the world’s potentate to release the sons of Jacob, whom he maliciously enslaved! Pharaoh didn’t even show gratitude for the fact that Joseph had saved his country from famine, so he was embarrassed in such a way that he had to submit to the Lord’s plan. Later, repentant, he tried to kill all the Hebrews, but he and his army were killed at the opening of the Red Sea, provided by the Most High (Exodus 14.1-31).

There is always an escape from difficult situations. However, we must look to God’s Word for the way out shown by the One who has foreknowledge. Jesus said: You search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life; and these are they which testify of Me  (John 5.39). Never allow adversity take away your peace. Know that the Most High has already placed in the Bible the solution against any work of the enemy. Amen!

Our God is amazing! His foreknowledge coupled with His love – loving-kindness or kind love – caused Him to put in the Scriptures, the means to deliver us from the bad things sent by the evil one. So, instead of getting angry, grumbling, or cursing the one who is already cursed – the devil – stay calm and seek divine counsel for your problem. Always have the attitude of an overcomer!

Here is good advice: every time you have a difficulty, don’t get another one because of that one. Stop examining the evil that attacks you and seek the answer in the Lord. If the devil has managed to shake you, find in the Word the reason for such an evil dart. Then, with the Lord’s guidance, close the door so that others will not strike you either (Ephesians 6.10-17). Next, use the Name of Jesus to command the destruction of that evil.

God taught Moses to pray that we would be increased a thousandfold, and this proves the Lord’s great love for us. Moreover, He wants to bless us and give us the conditions to take our place in Him. There is no way we can look at the enemy’s actions in us and do nothing. We can never give him control of our lives. How can the one defeated by us, in Jesus, dominate us? Let us wake up, for Jesus’ victory is ours. Hallelujah!

The Lord is the God of our fathers in faith – Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He wants to fulfill in us all that He promised to them. Therefore, we must not despair in crisis, but with faith determine our victory over that which harms us. The believer is the only one responsible for his own life and the life of his family. Take your stand in Christ!  

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father, our Multiplier! We thank You for the revelation that You will increase us, making us a thousandfold stronger. There is no way Hell can measure forces with those who know their rights in Christ and uses them. For Your Glory, we will always win!

Abraham heard Your voice and obeyed You, that is why he is called the father of faith. Those who trust in You will also do what You say and become successful in everything. The same power that was in Jesus, when He was on Earth, is with us now!

We have received Your blessings, which have led us to do Your will and live at the highest level. We are grateful that You have opened the Scriptures to us and guided us on the straight path. We need Your love - to please You!


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