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They do not say in their heart,“Let us now fear the Lord our God,Who gives rain, both the former and the latter, in its season.He reserves for us the appointed weeks of the harvest.” Jeremiah 5.24

Even with all the evidence, the wicked still insist on doing what God condemns, consequently they become guilty before Him. While one is under temptation, he is not to blame for what is being offered to him, but when he accepts the offers of the enemy, he becomes a transgressor of the law. There will be no excuse for anyone on the Day of Reckoning; after all, the Holy Spirit counsels us and teaches us how to resist evil.

The error of rejecting the divine offering is greater than one might think. The Most High knows the way for man to escape the traps of the devil. Upon seeing the diabolical plan in being executed, the Lord shows the way out for the person to make the right decision. But, unfortunately, even the saints of God fail to watch in the moment of trial, thus, they fall into transgressions. Those who stay alert and pray end up escaping!

We must tell our hearts that we will fear the Lord and reject the wiles of the wicked one. Otherwise, we will have no strength to resist when the bad day comes. The enemy is shrewd, deceitful and cunning, and what he says is meant to bring us down and subject us. Always remember what God has made you come to know in the Scriptures, for that is the cry for help on your lips.

God has to be continually respected and feared. Although we are unfaithful, He remains faithful. The Lord is our Friend at all times, especially during those moments we are tempted.  Because He was tempted in everything, Jesus can help those who are being impelled to sin. Count on God when you feel that you are being tempted to make the mistake “just that one time”, yell for help and run away. The heavenly Father will help you!

The Most High gives the revelation of the Word at the right time. In this way, its fruits will appear. But He has more! If you have not listened to the Lord before the final hour, in which you will be guilty of transgression, He will send the last-minute inspiration. This “late rain” is proof that He loves you and wants you pure. No temptation makes us be unclean, but if we give in to it, we will be held accountable for our actions.

If you have sowed good seeds, if you have confessed the good Word of God and prayed for change, you will reap the fruits for serving the divine will. Do not accept the offers of the devil, but, in a clear, steady and open manner, confess to the Lord what you have felt when temptation surrounds you. Talk to Him about everything. This way, you will see that His guidance will bring you deliverance.

Everything has its time right. One day temptation will not harass you. Then, without falling for Satan´s “tale”, you will come out of the trial with your head held high, free from any error, and you will be rewarded by the Most High for being faithful. It’s worth it!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, worthy of being feared! Only Your Word must be in our heart. We must refuse the enemy´s proposals. We want to be close to You, walking the Holy Way, which keeps us in the freedom conquered by Your Son.

We must respect You and bow in holiness and love for You. You guard us and lead us in Your holy paths. We cannot give the enemy any room in our lives, but give ourselves only to You.

We have to wait for the appointed weeks of the harvest. We will reap what we have sown, if we do not become discouraged. Help us to stand firm in faith and in Your love. Thus, we will have the revelations of the right seasons and of the latter rain as well. Amen!


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