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My eyes fail from searching Your word, Saying, “When will You comfort me?”. Psalm 119:82

The Old Testament people looked forward to the time when God would fulfill His promise. However, this has already occurred. It was necessary for all things foreseen in that dispensation to happen; thus anyone who believed would experience the goodness of the Lord. The Israelites were expecting the coming of the Messiah, but, when He came, they did not realize it and lost their chance to change their lives. They did not keep watch nor pray!

Today we live in the New Covenant in which we were counseled in Jesus. It is up for us to take what is ours as we learn from the Word, and to accomplish the mission given by God. The saved are heirs of the biblical promises; all they have to do is believe in the Lord and it comes to pass, such was the case in Christ’s days on earth. There is nothing more to expect. Believe and live!

The psalmist said that his eyes were failing, waiting for the divine promise: the coming of the Savior. Now this happened, but the people, being very far from God, did not recognize Him (John 1:11). The Israelites missed Jehovah’s great visitation, which had made a covenant with Abraham. But so many have despised the Lord, delaying the moment of believing in Jesus. So when He returns, these people will not come up with Him.

The Master came to comfort His own, but their attachment to religion and the temporal power that “faith” gave them made Israel not give Him proper place. Christ lamented that attitude, which would make their house deserted for centuries. Now the Most High is visiting the whole earth, both Jews and Gentiles, and revival has begun everywhere.

The Gospel – the Good News of what Jesus did for humanity – is being carried to the four corners of the planet. Therefore, many lost in religious things have been rescued from their vain search for Truth. The time is of great opportunity for all to awaken in this wonderful visitation of Heaven. The wonders and signs that took place at the beginning of the Christian faith succeed in our day.

The promised Counselor is continuing the holy ministry begun by Christ. We announce that the Lord loves and blesses all people. Crowd shave seen how God’s action is true among us. Thousands of people discover that in the Gospel divine justice is revealed. There is no better time to live than this. To God be the glory!

May the suffering come to us, and we will teach them the message of Jesus. Those who believe will see that the power of God in the Savior’s day continues to act where God’s Word is preached as Jesus did. In the past, He performed wonders; Today, this also happens. The person who believes and is baptized will be saved (Mk 16.16). Hallelujah!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father! We were comforted to comfort and saved to save. We teach Your Word as we receive it. Your work has been accomplished today, as in the past. With that, millions of people cry out for Your Name and are saved.

Unlike the psalmist, our eyes do not faint waiting for your promise. They are wide open, weeping with joy for what you have done in our midst. It is good to be alive and witness to it.

Thank you for keeping your promises in Jesus and for teaching that your righteousness is made from faith to faith through those who serve you. Today, where you send us, wonders are seen. Amen!


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