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Evil men do not understand justice, but those who seek the Lord understand all. Proverbs 28:5

God’s judgement was made, and condemnation fell upon His Son, who paid a high price on the cross for our redemption. Our role is to benefit from the work done by the Savior. If we don’t call out to the Lord, we won’t receive anything. However, if we seek Him through the Word, we will be enlightened and strengthened in a beautiful and majestic way, and we won’t ever lose a battle.

When someone accepts Jesus as their Lord and Savior, they don’t belong to Satan anymore. From that moment on, the king of misery and evil can’t use them anymore, because they’re not part of his kingdom of evilness and terror. Believers pass from darkness to light (1 Peter 2:9), where they will abide forever. There is no space in us for lies.

People of bad temper won’t find success in their intentions, even though some pretend to be merciful and talk about peace and love to impress new believers. Those who serve the Lord are always blessed, because they remain in God’s harvest. However, those of bad temper who try to fool others will never belong to the house of the Most High (Psalm 101:7). We should live in such a way that we’d never leave the Father’s presence! Hallelujah!

Every wicked person hates judgement. Although they try to please God, they can’t, because their nature is in the hands of the devil. Those who practice evil fall into disgrace, because they never receive the blessings needed when they ask the Almighty One. These people must supplicate that the heavenly Father would wake them up to their own spiritual reality. Only then, they will leave the path of wickedness. If not, their future will be dark.

Many people seek God, but don’t really know who they’re supposed to be. Even though they refuse temptation, they don’t try to please the Lord; in their opinion, what they have is already enough. They could, however, receive a lot more from the Most High. Those who despise what’s good are led to sin, which will end up in eternal loss. Saved ones are different. Because they’re in communion with God, they act wisely.

To seek heavenly matters should be a constant exercise for us. Those who meditate on the Word find a way out for wrong behaviors and will never allow lies or some other evil trickery to take hold of their lives. All you need to do to live well is to surrender to Jesus, our Savior. If that’s your goal, the things of this world won’t be interesting. We are the light of the Lord!

Receive Christ as your Lord right now. To seek only for healing or some other blessing doesn’t please God. Seek for your salvation! Those who love Him will have all their desires met. The Most High reveals everything to those who keep His commandments. Make things right with the Creator and straighten your path!

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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God, reason for our existence! We must live according to Your Word. If we understand it, we will choose to do good. The enemy’s proposals won’t be interesting, because we’ll be satisfied with what You have for us.

We pray on behalf of those who walked away from the Truth, onto the evil one’s ways, who don’t fear You and aren’t interested in righteousness. We pray: have mercy!

Use us to preach to them about the chance offered to those who are sincere and who admit their iniquities. They can’t imagine themselves away from Your ways for eternity. Father, reach out Your hands and deliver them!


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