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“No one is holy like the Lord, For there is none besides You, Nor is there any rock like our God.  1 Samuel 2:2

In Hannah’s song, we can highlight important points that jumped into her eyes and made her receive his blessing. For this woman, the Omnipotent is incomparable in every respect, for only He is God. Man’s finite mind cannot understand this mystery, but faith leads him to the exact form of the Lord. On the return of Jesus, already transformed, we will know the Most High as He is. We are His image!

Even if a person who has never committed, or will ever commit, any slip comes, he will be far from being compared to our Father, for He is absolute holiness. God exists for Himself; therefore, there is not the slightest condition of any being created by Him to face Him. Satan was Lucifer – light bearer – an angel of great ability who let pride rise in his heart and fell into transgression.

Eradicate from your mind the idea of the existence of other gods who will one day present themselves as victorious. If so, where have they stayed so far? This is enemy talk to confuse those who resist the Lord. Never formed, nor will another God form. Submit to the Creator and become the blessing planned by Him.

Everything that exists has been made by the Word of God, and none of those who dwell in Heaven – the world of perfection – with the Most High can be considered our Rock. In God you build yourself as a child who is part of, and will be forever in, the Sovereign’s plan. Do not give in to the evil one; after all, he has already been tried convicted.

In everything and for everything, we have the help of the Lord, who loves us and wants to make us perfect, in His image and likeness. Whoever gives credit to the lie will regret it; but after death there will be no forgiveness or reconciliation. Enjoy the divine offering and be forgiven of all your sins. Without the work completed in the blood of Christ, your future will be one of endless torment. God loves him!

One day after Jesus returns when new heavens and new earth will be created, the saved will be in the eternal glory of good. Then there will be no memory of the sinful things that corrupt people today. Those who believe in the Lord will know the heavenly Father just as He knows us. You can’t miss this blessing!

The saved will have this privilege, but the lost will never know how much they lost. Although their hearts were touched by God – and that touch was all they needed – they were evil and did not allow the Lord to visit and love them. We who believe in Him have been blessed with His love and His grace. Hallelujah!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Almighty God! There is none like You! Your love gives us the opportunity to live free from iniquities contrary to Your Word. Holiness suits those who are faithful to You.

Why think that there might be another outside of You if everything exists because it was created by You and for You? We are delighted to know You and live in Your presence. You are our Sun, the Source of our energy.

You are the Rock upon which we are built. We do not accept the spirit of rebellion that deceives humanity and leads the unwary to condemnation. Nothing is better than being connected to You. Thank you for being our God!


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