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06/02/2023 - TIME TO ACT

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The Mighty One, God the LORD, Has spoken and called the earth from the rising of the sun to its going down. Psalm 50.1

The Scriptures teach us that the time has come for God to put an end to the devil’s work over those who listen to Him. In order that the divine plan for humanity might not have the slightest flaw, He sent His Son, who expresses the image of His being (Colossians 1.15; Hebrews 1.3). Jesus came into the world with the necessary ability to teach, preach, and use the power of the heavenly Father. For the work to be accomplished perfectly, the Savior would have to learn through His own sufferings (Hebrews 5.8).

It was as if he had a knife to His throat, ever since Adam gave in to the lie told to Eve by the enemy, leading her to taste the forbidden fruit (read Genesis 3). Man ate it along with his wife, selling us to Satan. Nevertheless, God did not give up the wonderful plan in favor of the being created in His image and likeness (Genesis 1.26,27). The Gospel is perfect in every way, because it restores the lost to live with the Lord eternally!

In His wisdom, the Creator planned the complete redemption of man; to this end, He invited the sufferers, saying: Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest (Matthew 11.28). The first thing the sinner has to do is to go to Jesus, who will relieve him from any evil involvement. Whoever refuses the Savior’s invitation takes the worst attitude of his life, for, like Adam, he prefers to serve the evil one.

The Lord’s summons includes people of all races, professions, social classes, who suffer all kinds of problems arising after the fall of man in Eden. Jesus came to suffer in our place, and He did it with joy. The King of kings knew that His death on the cross and resurrection would give mankind the opportunity to walk with God again. Nothing beyond what is necessary for our deliverance was left pending. He who believes will live (John 11.25,26)!

God’s plan is more than perfect. Having come out of the pure and holy heart of the Lord, He has provided everything a person needs to be born again, having a spiritual fresh start. Put this in your heart: without this remarkable experience, no one will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Any sinner can be delivered from demons by receiving Jesus as Savior and Lord of his life. He only needs to learn from Holy Scripture what already belongs to him.

It is time to act! We must learn our part in the redemptive work done by Jesus on the Cross, and in Hell, where He stripped Satan of the authority over our lives, which the enemy stole from Adam. Now all we have to do is believe the Word and live by the rules revealed in it. Whoever believes in the Bible has his faith strengthened and becomes an overcomer in Christ.

The Almighty is calling on everyone to receive the blessings that His Son, Jesus, purchased for us with His life. Your attitude of receiving Him as Savior will mark the moment when the devil can no longer touch you (John 1.12; 1 John 5.18). God wants to hear your decision!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of the right time! Thank You for the invitation to change our lives and to truly live. We no longer want or accept that Satan and the demons continue to act in us, making us err and suffer. We are Your children!

The time is now! So, we come before You, in order to receive Jesus and the blessings provided by Him on our behalf. Lord, see how many make the decision to convert, and give them the new birth promised by Jesus. You are beautiful!

We thank You because You open the door for us to return to Your fold. From then on, we are free indeed. We beg for the understanding that You will not leave us in the hands of the enemy. Satan is under our feet. Amen!


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