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16/10/2019 - TIME TO FIND GOD

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For this cause everyone who is godly shall pray to You In a time when You may be found; Surely in a flood of great watersThey shall not come near him. Psalm 32:6

Sin can be conscious. Take the case of a person who, before making a mistake, receives the assistance of the Holy Spirit, which leads him to understand the wickedness of his act, but they still end up sinning. In this case, forgiveness is harder to come by, for they know the consequences of their attitude. Now, if they sincerely repent, they will be forgiven. Whenever we transgress, God warns us before. Be wise!

The psalmist said, Everyone who is godly will pray to God. After committing iniquity, you have the opportunity to repent, for soon sorrow comes to your heart: it´s the Holy Spirit convincing you of such error. The holy one of God feels very bad when yielding to temptation, but whoever gives himself to the wicked one does not even want to touch on the subject, thus, they will have a harder time to get right with the Lord. 

Whoever postpones repentance can forget about their actions. Therefore, they prove that they want to experience the bad result. The fact a person does not confess his transgression to the Lord soon shows his lack of interest in having fellowship with the Father. Poor thing! If they die in sin, they will walk toward eternal torment. Understand: the holy person prays to the Most High until they find Him.

There is time to find God or to lose Him. There are wrong ideas about Him – like thinking that at the last moment of life the person will have the chance to get rid of sin with a simple plea for mercy. At times this has happened, but it is not the rule that we find in Scriptures. It is right to live in faith in Jesus, without having anything of the enemy in your life. Being wise is your best decision in any situation. Stay alert and pray!


Why despise the time set by God and believe in something non-standard? Do not wait to get your eternal bliss when your time to beg for mercy is ending. Forgiveness is being extended to you now; so, enjoy it and receive salvation by believing in Jesus. Whoever trusts in the Lord will not be disappointed in His coming, but will be rewarded.

Stand firm in divine revelations, for they will protect you from floods of evil spread everywhere. Being confident in the Lord is the best thing to do. Do not wait for things that have not been promised. Now, God never lies; therefore, fulfill the Biblical conditions and you will be successful in the Master´s return. Biblical examples should be followed.

The floods of evil things will not come near you, if your life is according to Scriptures´ standards. Trust in the Lord begins here and will continue for eternity. The Most High girds you with joyful songs of deliverance; thus, you will not be disappointed in the Beloved´s return. The victory of the believer will never be at stake, for it God guarantees it.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father, our safe Hiding place! We can pray to You in times of trouble and still find You. We need not be puzzled by the works of the kingdom of evil, which will come upon the unstable in faith in Christ!

When we find You, we will take refuge in You. When the overflow of many waters comes, it will not reach us. We can consider ourselves free from the evils that will befall the rebels.

You are the Place where we hide and we are preserved of the anguish that will soon come upon those who despise Your Word. Without being girded with joyful songs of deliverance, the lost will be vulnerable and will be found by the evil one!


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