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and do not think to say to yourselves, ‘We have Abraham as our father.’ For I say to you that God is able to raise up children to Abraham from these stones.  Matthew 3:9

We cannot assume that for some reason God has to save or keep us. It is right to be humble, honoring and respecting Him in everything. This is the least we can do for Who is the Reason of our existence and has shown His love for us by sending His Only Begotten Son to die in our place. Our attitude toward the Father must be one of gratitude at all times. After all, by grace we were saved through faith.

The fact that God has saved us from eternal perdition is already a cause for great joy and dedication to Him. Now, never join the ungodly who give themselves to sin. They are unaware of the danger of being in the hands of the devil. Abandoning the way of the Lord is complete folly. All we can do to prevent bad company will be of great profit to us. Hallelujah!

The secret of being happy is to obey the Lord by practicing the Scriptures. Thus we will never be under the yoke of the enemy. Those who love the Most High have His commandments and keep them. John the Baptist taught this as well as Jesus in His day here. Our way of life shows whether or not we have God’s love. Therefore, we avoid the bad friends, who live in transgression.

To think that you can do what you want is to join the spirit of rebellion, Satan. Whoever acts in this way will find that he was the cause of his own evils. It is not only about the mistakes we make, but also about what makes us have evil thoughts and desires. When you feel a bad momentum, ask for forgiveness and get away from it on the spot. No doubt you were tempted by the devil in your weakest point. Be careful!

Even Jesus, who was God with the Father, avoided doing what He wanted, but only what He saw His Father accomplish. Whoever chooses false independence will stumble over great things. Read the Scriptures every day and pay attention to His teachings. You will not go far if you are out of the eyes of the Most High. He cannot love those who do not love Him, and to love God is to have His commandments and keep them. Whoever fails in this part will open to the enemy.

It is good to set the pointers with the Almighty on the Word. In doing so, you will proceed right and pleasant to Him. You cannot live far from the heavenly Father and far from the devil, for being far from the Lord you will be near the enemy. Choose what your life will be like and obey the Creator without letting the evil one overpower you. God’s love constrains us to live righteously and godly. Who will you please?

The worst attitude is to find it unnecessary to obey the Word and that, being a creature of God, nothing bad will occur to it. Rebellion is the height of stupidity, but obedience is the surest way to remain under the guard of the Most High. If He needed children, He would raise up children from the stones to Abraham.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Mighty Lord! We are happy that you loved us and prepared us for salvation. We want to know Your commandments and keep them, proving that we love You and we will be loved by You. Help us to know Your precepts.

We cannot hurt You, make you sad, or do wrong things. Forgive us, therefore, many times we despise Thy Word. As we are small and flawed, without Your guidance, we will never please You. May your love never forsake us!

Thank you for making us children by adoption for the work Jesus did for us. Before You, we plead for Your grace, because through it Your mercy has led us to Your Kingdom. We need to know You better! Amen!


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