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20/08/2019 - TIME TO PRAISE

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And in that day you will say: “Praise the LORD, call upon His name;Declare His deeds among the peoples,Make mention that His name is exalted. Isaiah 12:4

Many people consider Isaiah the most enlightened prophet of Scriptures, for he spoke of things to come like no one else. He narrated how the Savior’s day would be, how He would come and live and what He would do in our favor. As we read his writings, we fill ourselves with joy and faith. Isaiah was also used by the Lord in many difficult situations, as in the days when Sennacherib, king of Assyria, tried to invade and dominate Judah, but was defeated (see Isaiah 37).

During the siege of Jerusalem, the prophet received God´s instruction concerning this intruder and petulant king, to the point of comforting Hezekiah, king of Judah, and his people, saying that not even an arrow of the Assyrians would fall in the city of the great King (Isaiah 37:33). When Isaiah and King Hezekiah prayed, the Almighty sent an angel at night, which wounded 185,000 soldiers of the opposing army. Thus, the Assyrian king returned home sad and defeated. When he got back, his own sons killed him (verses 36-38).

The Bible passage we are studying speaks of the days of Christ, in which we have some things to do. The prophet was used to show us how we must proceed regarding threats. Let us now see what our position should be when facing good or unfavorable situations. If we follow the Lord’s direction, we will certainly be delivered of the enemy’s traps. Then, our God will be glorified.

We live in the days after the first coming of Jesus, for He has already taken over all power in the Heavens and on the Earth; therefore, we must give thanks to the Lord. Leaving this for later, or not paying attention to what He speaks, will do us harm. Just as we need to chew food to facilitate digestion and absorption of nutrients, we must meditate on the Word (function of the stomach) and absorb (function of the gut) the revelations to live well.

Then, strengthened by spiritual nutrients, we can call on the Name of Jesus, for we will have Him operating in our favor. Not only use His Name to rebuke diseases, demons and other evils, but also appropriate the power that was given to this Name. When we call on Him, we receive power and faith, which we need to enjoy the abundant life brought by Jesus. If we do not do this, our strength will be in vain!

Another very important action is to make His deeds known among all peoples when we pray for healing, deliverance; thus, see the Lord working. In the past, people rejoiced and praised the only One who can and wants to make us more than conquerors. As we tell of His wonders, our soul rejoices and is strengthened.

Isaiah the prophet mentioned the Name of the Lord again: Make mention that His name is exalted. We must not make up stories or be delirious when speaking of what this Name can do; however, having learned in Scriptures about the feats and promises of God in our favor, we thank You. After all, He strengthens us to carry out the same works Christ did.  

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Oh God! We are thankful You teach us to behave properly before the Word. Thus, we please You. You always give us Your Bread, which strengthens us and prepares us for the struggles.

The days in which we live are days of fulfillment of all that is written. Therefore we give thanks to You for what you have done. Today, we do not have to hesitate before the enemy´s arrogant talk, for he wants to intimidate us. If we pray, You will send Your powerful and good angel.

We invoke Your Name with all power, because we do not want to live under the oppressions of the devil. Then we will be able to make manifest Your deeds among people who believe in You and tell how great Your Name is. Halleluiah!


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