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For this, clothe yourself with sackcloth, Lament and wail. For the fierce anger of the Lord Has not turned back from us.  Jeremiah 4:8

Many times, we pray and are not healed. Instead of doing like Rebekah, who drew near to God to find out why her two twin sons were fighting in her womb and was surprised by the divine response (Genesis 25:22,23), we rather “attack” the Lord in prayer, demanding what we consider to be our right and His obligation. It´s not good to be mad at God, it´s better to humble yourself before Him. 

The Lord sent Jeremiah to announce that the destroyer was on his way to carry out his wicked work in Judah. He gave the diagnosis and also prescribed the medicine. If they had given era to the Omnipotent, that would not have happened. But why do people let evil in when they have the divine prescription for the antidote  to heal their maladies? Unfortunately, the people of those days were influenced by the empty prophecies.

Whoever decides to submit to God, clothing themselves with a broken spirit, prays and receives the Lord’s answer. Presumptuous ones will pay a high price for their lack of interest in divine guidance. When there is no other way, they will surrender before Him with pain and consequences that were not to exist. For Judah, it was 70 years of captivity. Certainly, they would have seen Him in action against Babylon as He did in the days of King Hezekiah against Assyria.

In their humbling, they were to lament and cry, so that their transgressions might be forgiven. Sin covers God´s face so as not to hear our prayer. He who does not repent will never taste divine love. Nothing justifies one’s wrong behavior. When the time comes to seek the Lord, whoever does this will testify that He is a loving Father, for he will be recreated for a life of complete fulfillment.

In Scriptures, there are examples of crises in which the people humbled themselves before God and were answered right away. Look at what happened with a huge confederation of nations formed to attack Judah iduring the days of King Jehoshaphat, who called upon the entire nation to go to Jerusalem, in humiliation and fasting, to seek heavenly assistance. Heaven’s reply was much greater than they expected, for the Lord commanded them to  just praise Him (2 Chronicles 20: 1-30).

A few years before the Israelites came back from captivity, the devil, in order to destroy them, used a wicked man named Haman. He plotted the death of all Jews, which was an attempt to prevent the Messiah from coming. But God already knew what was taking place and prepared one of His daughters to save His inheritance (read the book of Esther). The jewish people fasted for three days (Esther 4:16), and God delivered them.

Decide that you and your family will not be lost forever and start to seek your salvation. Don’t let any of your people die without salvation. Do this urgently, or they will suffer irreparable damage.  Today, you must get rid of what the Bible calls eternal doom. This work is worth your existence!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord, our present Help! We don´t  want to be surprised by the destroyer, nor do we want any of our family members to be taken to eternal perdition. We come before You to learn the path of salvation, for most definitely, we are Yours forever!

We present our soul before You in humiliation. Teach us how to give You the right to be our Father and lead us into Your Kingdom of love and light. We want to walk with You only, so we ask for the forgiveness of our sins.

We regret times of ignorance, when we did not listen to You. From now on, nothing sinful interests us anymore. Father! Let the innocence of Jesus be seen in us through our actions. Thank You for the antidote against the destroyer! Amen!


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