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31/10/2021 - TO KNOW GOD’S WAY

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That Your way may be known on earth, Your salvation among all nations.  Psalm 67.2

It is not known for sure who the author of Psalm 67 is, but some Bible scholars consider that because of the style, David wrote it. But in truth, this doesn’t matter, because the true Author is the Holy Spirit, who moved men to record the Bible (2 Peter 1.21). Studying it with an open heart, while waiting for the real understanding – is the best thing to do. We know the Lord by the Word!

The psalmist asked God to have mercy on us and bless us (Psalm 67.6,7). Both in those days and today, we also need this. Since this request came from the Lord Himself, through the Holy Spirit, He has already answered it. The good thing is that His mercies are renewed every morning (Lamentations 3.22,23); so, even if yesterday, we used up all our “stock” of mercies, the fact that we didn’t die means – that He is pouring them out on us.

We are sure that we have been blessed, because the Savior paid the price for our sins, redeeming us to God (Romans 6.3-11). Now, all we have to do is believe in the Truth and pray, giving thanks for the favor sent to us. Those who believe the Scriptures – automatically, begin living according to them. We are more than conquerors in everything!

The prayer of Psalm 67 no longer needs to be prayed, because the Answer has already come: Jesus. He has clearly said that this has come, because He has defined Himself in this way: Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me (John 14.6). Therefore, believe that you enjoy the necessary mercy of God and act according to the Master’s teachings. No one comes to the Father except through Christ.

The psalmist also asked God to make His face shine upon us, which was also done. This means to understand the revelation of the Lord. So never stop looking for directions in the Word, which is Jesus Himself, the Way of God. Believe in the Word, whatever catches your eye or your attention. Those who have faith in the Lord live victoriously (Romans 8.37). This is what He wants for His children!

No one who has sought God can claim that he does not know the Way to reach Him. The Word is made known to those who hear the Bible preached or read it (Luke 11.10). So, be a “devourer” of the Bible, a student of the Truth – and you will have the same understanding as the servants of the Lord in the past. Thus, you will live and enjoy the good things He has prepared. With Jesus, we never go wrong!

Know that salvation provides what is necessary for man not to be oppressed by the forces of evil. It is like the manna that the Israelites gathered in the desert for 40 years and ate. This food supplied them, so that they did not get sick, since there was not even grass to be found in the desert!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father of the holy Way! We thank You for the prayer of Psalm 67, in which Your mercies were asked for. At once, with the coming of Jesus, mankind began to enjoy them, so people were graced by You.

The radiance of Your face thrills us, carries us close to You, and gives us the full blessing. No longer do we live in darkness, because with Your care, love and faith, we can live victoriously - free from the enemy and his evils!

We know the Way, Jesus, Your Word, who in the beginning was with You and was God. You created us in Your image and likeness and gave us of Your Spirit. Now we want to fulfill what is written, taking Christ to all the nations. Help us!


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