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I will be like the dew to Israel; He shall grow like the lily, and lengthen his roots like Lebanon. Hosea 14.5

It doesn’t matter if you compare yourself to someone living in the wilderness. When God is willing to be your Helper, He is saying that His mighty eye will be on you or upon the nation (Psalm 91). Unfortunately, the Israelites did not believe in the Lord, and because of this, they were tormented in various nations, and if they do not repent with that condemnation in this world, they will also head towards the eternal one. The life of those who do not love God or obey Him is difficult. 

What do people need to be successful? Well, under the divine eye, their life is automatically blessed in every way. Defeat should not exist in any of the saved, because everything concerning life has been given to them in Christ, and therefore, victory is guaranteed. Never go into battle feeling that you will lose; after all, God promises to fight on our behalf. Honor the Lord and you will be honored (1 Samuel 2.30). Believe and win!

Even when there is a drought across the globe, when nothing can be planted, the Most High promises not to leave us. Believe me: God’s power works for those who do not surrender to what seems to be right, but for those who trust in His Word (Psalms 20.6-9). Now, God and His Word are One; therefore, by trusting and acting on what He says, you will have both the Lord and His power at work in your life. When there is drought, God will be like the dew in the night.

Jesus invites us to lift up our eyes and see what He will do for us, when He mentions the lilies of the valley, which are clothed with beauty beyond comparison; so will be the person whom He blesses (Luke 12.27). When the Lord led you to Jesus, He destined you to be an overcomer in every situation. The devil will never oppress you if you are in Christ and His words are in you (John 15.7). Begin to get out of the evil entanglements that hold you back, because the Truth that you came to know sets you free (John 8.32).

The Master used as a reference the cedar of Lebanon, a tree that takes three years just growing downwards, looking for a rock to embrace it and thus become difficult to uproot it. Immerse yourself in the teachings of the Bible as long as necessary and when you find the Rock, embrace it. Those who cling to the Son of God will never worry about tomorrow or the threats of Satan and his demons. Being in Christ, you will not be confused or 

We must embrace Jesus, our Rock, who will never forsake us. When the enemy wants to snatch us from Him, he will not succeed. Christ guarantees that no one will snatch us out of His hands: And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand (John 10.28). So live and sleep easy, knowing that the enemy will never take you away from God’s ‘promises. The Lord has given us the Kingdom. Believe!

The lost need to understand the message of the Gospel, for it will deliver them from every hellish force and place them in the Kingdom of Heaven, which is one of glory and power. Nothing stops the Most High from blessing those who believe in His Word. The Bible says: Those who trust in the Lord. Are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved, but abides forever. (Psalm 125.1). Rejoice!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father, our Dew! Israel went too far, and You sent a message of reconciliation, but unfortunately Your people chose not to believe in You and were scattered all over the world, with a suffering that no other people have ever known. They should have returned to Your love!

Your promise left no doubt! You offered Yourself like dew to them, who were living as if were in a desert. Sin blinds the saved, erases dreams, and scratches the names of those who are written in the Holy Book. Thank You for not giving up on us!

We want to flourish like the lily, full of beauty that comes from You, to give You due praise. May we put down roots that will embrace Your Son, our Rock and our Savior. We will always follow You, Lord!


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