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He has shown strength with His arm;He has scattered the proud in the imagination of their hearts. Luke 1:51

The coming of Jesus was not a walk that the Son of God desired to do in the form of man, but a serious and complete work, which only He could complete, in order to forever free mankind from the forces of evil. There are countless blessings waiting for us, according to the treasure revealed by Mary in her song. She knew how to put herself in the servant’s seat and composed a song to express the divine goodness towards her, and to us as well. All glory to the Lord!  

Jesus acted valiantly with His arm when He went to Hell and confronted Satan and his demons, stripping them of man’s stolen authority. The demons knew that, one day, God would put an end to their wickedness on Earth. However, they did not expect the Savior to be there to take away the power to destroy man; so, when they least expected it, they were completely stripped.

Christ’s victory over Hell was complete. With this, the hungry could receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit and the celestial goods. He who is born again – with repentance, baptism in the waters and in the Holy Spirit -, in the workmanship of Jesus, can go everywhere to do good and heal the oppressed of the devil. Salvation is a most perfect act of Christ.

The throne of the mighty, who did not give place to the Lord when He came to His own (John 1:11), is forever undone. The new wine was put into new wineskins (Luke 5:38), so that a new and perfect generation of God’s children will accomplish what the servants could not do. But these, if they believe and enter through the gate, will also be saved, and out of the two peoples will arise one who will love the Lord. Today, we are part of the Body of Christ and we occupy this place by faith.

Jesus filled with goods those who had nothing, and the hungry are now filled, for they have obtained all that God gives to man. The person who felt himself to be the owner of the truth was dismissed empty because, when he received the inspiration and authority to negotiate and give more to the Lord at His coming, he hid his talents on earth and could not remain in the presence of God (Matthew 25:14- 30). Our responsibility is great because we will be accountable for what has been entrusted to us.

True Israel is protected. He does not lack strength. Those who were God’s people will one day realize what they lost because of the attitude of the leaders of that day. If they turn to the Lord, they will be received with love and become great evangelizers. Those who live in religion are in a false world, because they speak of God, but do not have the true power. The Most High will never forget His mercy.

In us and through us the Lord has fulfilled the promise made to Abraham. He uses us so that all the families on Earth may be blessed in the Seed of Abraham. Do not deny the Father the right to use whom He wills. Invest in world evangelization, and your name will be recorded as His servant.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Exalted and wonderful Lord! We want to offer you a song like that of Mary, because You are good. We love You for all that Jesus did for us in His death. It is beautiful to live free from the wicked powers.

Today, the hungry have been fed with the Bread of Life, the thirsty have also been watered with the Water of Life, and the fact that we have been baptized in Your Holy Spirit is more than we could think. You have filled our void!

Accept our sincere thanks, our love and gratitude. From the darkness You brought us to the light; we have been delivered from suffering, for Your mercies have been poured upon us. We are saved by Your Grace through faith.


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