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But Hannah answered and said, “No, my lord, I am a woman of sorrowful spirit. I have drunk neither wine nor intoxicating drink, but have poured out my soul before the LORD.   1 Samuel 1.15

Many people have a sad countenance because they are facing serious problems. We can´t imagine how many live under the cloak of despair because they have erred one day, and do not know how to get rid of the daily accusation on their conscience. Some are unaware of what the Word says about their situation; others, although they know the Truth, do not have the faith to follow the holy instruction.

Our role as Christians is to preach the Word in season and out of season, so that all may be delivered from condemnation (2 Timothy 4.2). There are those who are tempted to put an end to their own lives, not knowing that this will not take away their guilt. Only the blood of Christ can accomplish this (1 John 1.7). Now, they do not know who tempts them to commit suicide, so that they will not be saved. After physical death, our soul will live forever (Ecclesiastes 12.7).

Upon hearing the sharp rebuke, Hannah proved that the love of God was in her heart. She disregarded Eli’s way of scolding her and sweetly informed him that she had made a vow to the Lord. Now, the Most High chooses whom He wants. So, when receiving the divine command, it is up to the person to believe and seek from Him the instruction of which path to take, and to realize that they will be guided by the perfect eyes of the Father. No error comes from Him!

In good terms, she would say: “No, priest, I have not taken any strong drink; I am under the divine anointing, which will make me the mother of a child to fulfill my vow.” Such an institute comes from the Lord, so even the desire to make a promise needs to come from Him. Never think of giving something to God without feeling that it comes from the Lord (Ecclesiastes 5.4). Never let yourself be used by greed, but by the Most High!

After assuring she didn´t drink wine or any strong drink, Hannah showed what her heart was like: available to God. People should do the same. Surely, He would incline it to the side He desires, and they would act without fear of failure. It would be good if we always felt from the Almighty the desire to make a vow and fulfill it. God never changes!

Whoever takes advantage of the divine work, contradicting the Lord, proceeds wrongly, for everything must come from Him. It doesn’t matter if you consider something to be your right; don’t make up anything, even if the purpose is valid. If it does not originate from the Father, such idea is bad. Therefore, be a faithful and obedient servant, and wait for His guidance. Thus, you will be successful in your walk.

Hannah´s zeal for God’s work was immense. Because she was unable to be a mother, she afflicted her soul day and night, asking the Lord to give her a son. God then touched her heart to give her firstborn to Him. Hannah agonized to fulfill her yes!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father of the contrite of heart! What an example Hannah has left us, and we have done nothing similar! But with Your help, we will get to where You want us to go. Enlarge our understanding to see Your glory enfolding us and working as You will.

More than three thousand years have passed, yet the efforts of this servant of Yours touches us deeply. Lord, look at us and give us to drink of Your Holy Spirit. We long to fulfill Your original plan for our lives. Help us!

We must respect those whom You have called to conduct Your work, praying for them and keeping watch. We cannot let You down with impure intentions. We need Your powerful hand to carry out Your purposes. Amen!


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