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12/11/2021 - TRULY DESOLATE

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Be astonished, O heavens, at this, And be horribly afraid; Be very desolate,” says the Lord. Jeremiah 2.12

When the Heavens are astonished, the Earth will already be strengthless and about to be burned by eternal fire, which will destroy everything in the Universe. Then new Heavens and a new Earth will be created (2 Peter 3:13). This is prophesied in the Bible, and it will happen just as it declares:  as you look forward to the day of God and speed its coming. That day will bring about the destruction of the heavens by fire, and the elements will melt in the heat (2 Peter 3:12). Jesus will come back!

The horror that will come upon everyone at Christ’s return will not compensate for the luxury and pride that govern people who do not even accept to believe in the divine existence. Those who never want to know that there is a Creator, thinking that everything that happens here is by chance – even the natural phenomena – will confess with a loud cry that they have been deceived by the devil. But, certainly, it will be too late.

The Lord’s return will terrify even the most incredulous and people without knowledge and reasoning. Many think that things around here have always existed and will continue forever. These poor lives, believing the evil one, waste time and pay attention to the most absurd lie: the one that denies God´s existence. Do not give place to the devil (Ephesians 4.27)!

The destruction in human beings caused by Adam’s sin is greater than one can imagine. Individuals, whose intellectual capacity is great, give in to the enemy’s deceptions. Today, man is in the process of restoring virtues and gifts that were lost in Eden. So don’t backslide at any time, lest you be reproached by the Lord. Watch and pray!

At the sound of the last trumpet, when no one is waiting for the coming of the Master and Lord of all, He will return (Matthew 24.44). The expression on people’s faces will be one of astonishment. When they see the dead rising from the dead, they will faint with fear, and it will be the judgment of the Earth and its inhabitants. It is important to be alert so as not to be left behind here. Those who are not at the right hand of the Lord will never know heaven (Matthew 25.31-46)!

The overbearing lords of the Earth will despair and cry out for mercy, which they did not know in their arrogance and despised in their unpreparedness, but which God, the Lord of all and everything – patiently showed to be true. Whoever rejects his call to be part of the holy people will not be included in the group of the saved. Then, their suffering will already begin there, for they will march toward the lake of fire, a place he does not know.

What about you? Are you going to take a risk, letting fate decide your future? This is foolishness! Man must accept the work of Christ, done on his behalf – only then will he succeed. God will be with you if you are with Him. Just believe what He says and you will be saved. What will be your decision? Are you going to leave it until later? Accept Him now!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Merciful God! There are two groups of people who will be amazed on the Day of Your Son's return. The saved, overjoyed, will be awestruck by the greatness of the spectacle that will shake the world and, praising You, will say, "Blessed are You for what You do!"

The lost, on the other hand, will despair, as did the five virgins mentioned by Jesus in the parable. There will be no second chance. Those who despise You today will weep uselessly tomorrow. They will march off to eternal punishment. So sad!

Have mercy on the proud, for they do not know how much they will suffer. May they repent! Then they will not spend eternity in affliction. The lost must feel how terrible the torment that will never end be. Mercy, Father!


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