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Repent therefore and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, so that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord, Acts 3:19

The escape to man´s spiritual regeneration is offered by the Lord through repentance and conversion, two divine institutes that cannot be despised. Without them, even with all the redemptive work carried out on the cross, no one will enjoy refreshment in the presence of the heavenly Father. To heed to this guidance of the Most High is very important, so that every human being may  come out of condemnation and truly live.

Repentance leads us to the God of love, compassionate and merciful, to be forgiven of all our errors. This is how the process of our restoration begins, when we cease to love the sinful practices and begin to live in a holy way. Whoever despises the act of repentance loses the opportunity to come out of the empire of darkness and enter the Kingdom of happiness, where they will no longer live an oppressed life.

Conversion gives us the chance to walk again with God and be guided by Him. Then, free from the oppression of the devil, we come to the center of the will of the Almighty. Without sin we live with our heads held high, for the lordship of the adversary over us has come to an end and the lordship of the Almighty begins. Thus,  the former slave of the evil one receives the heavenly virtues to enjoy the blessings prepared by the Most High.

The Bible speaks of a comfort that we receive in the presence of the Lord. When we are forgiven, we think rightly and consequently we amend our actions and assume our place planned by the Creator. It is so good to wake up without any fear, to live all days as lords over evil, and when we lie down, know that nothing bad will happen to us.

In times of refreshing, we are not oppressed by dirty thoughts, but we are renewed by the mighty hand of the Most High, which makes us assume our position as His heirs. Why let the evil one rule over us if we have the forgiveness of sins and the power to no longer obey him? Our position in Jesus is of supremacy over all evil!

The resolution of walking with God is your prerogative. You can decide to behave like those who only think of the things of the world – which, no doubt, fascinate but are filled with malice and the power of the enemy – or be filled with the Holy Spirit. He who does not repent nor convert will remain under the evil command. In Christ, there is much more to your present and eternal fulfillment.

Whoever is in the Word is no longer guided by the prince of darkness, but is in the presence of the Most High as His collaborator. This person can live as the Savior, walking everywhere and doing that which is good. Assume your place in the Scriptures, for you are included in the Lord’s redemptive plan. Enjoy and reign in Jesus!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father!  We want to experience repentance and conversion to restart our life close to You, fulfilling Your purpose. We claim these two blessings at this very moment.

Help us to walk with You and do the right thing, so that You may be glorified and exalted. We cannot live away from You not even for a second. May the times of refreshment, peace and the fulfillment of Thy will come!

You are the reason of our existence and our new start. Therefore, we love You in Christ Jesus. With the work that He did for us at Calvary, we are once again living at Your side, being Your collaborators in the redemption of other lives. You are beautiful!


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