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23/12/2019 - TWO FATAL ERRORS

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They soon forgot His works; They did not wait for His counsel. Psalm 106:13

The people of Israel´s journey through the desert was full of incidents, and many of them led the people away from the Lord. That way the enemy could attack them. It is easy to walk with the Most High, but we must submit to the Word. Whoever rebels against divine orders will surely be penalized. Man is free to choose to walk with God or not, but whoever decides to stay away from Him does not remain neutral, because the devil dominates him.

When the Israelites saw the divine operations, they soon turned to Him; but because they did not heed His commandments, they distanced themselves from the Creator. Thus, they no longer had His guidance and they sinned. Today, the same has been true of those who yield to temptation: by forsaking the Way, you cease to count on the Lord in times of anguish and despair. Never live far from God, for it is profitable to be with Him.

By believing in the Most High, the person is always singing praises, the door is always open to him and all is well. However, just as the devil tempted Jesus, he will tempt anyone. Some people, because they are far from God, end up falling into the enemy’s traps, sin and suffer. There is only one way not to submit to Hell’s command: to be in fellowship with the Lord through the Word and prayer.

When they got right with God, the Israelites behaved like victors. Although the adversary set up traps, they could not overcome the Israelites. Unfortunately, the chosen people were once again afflicted with evil as they turned away from the Lord. Isn´t this the case with most Christians? All is well while they are regular churchgoers, going to Sunday services and on other days, reading the Bible and getting along with their Father.

Those who forget the works of the Most High do not use the Name of Jesus to defeat the enemy. Moreover, by accepting his offerings, he soon finds himself filled with the evil from which he had been delivered. The one who observes the effects of the Creator of biblical days, and those of today, sees His power flooding their interior and the joy strengthening him again. With such feeling, faith makes him fearless and ready to ward off evil.

Propose in your heart to always be in God’s house and remain firm in His teachings. Thus, you will have Him by your side all the time, making you win the battles. Wait for the Word to be sent by the Almighty; after all, it is the Father´s advice for your well being. God is good!

Forsake the path of error and draw near to the heavenly Father, who is merciful and powerful to give you the blessing you need. Get right with the Lord and start walking with Him. You are able to make the decision that will dictate your future!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, Worker of wonders! We want to walk near You, because we want to have You by our side. No more playing with faith; now we want to know You, love You and receive the best help from You!

We need to believe the right way. Thus, our mouth will be filled with praise, and our hearts with faith. We will firmly obey our vocation by following Your direction and freeing ourselves from the enemy´s traps.

Remind us of Your wonders! As we meditate on them, we are enlightened to win the battles. Father, give us wisdom, and we will never make the two fatal errors. You are our God. We love You!


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