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Therefore I will give thanks to You, O Lord, among the Gentiles, and sing praises to Your name.  Psalm 18:49

From what we learn about the Lord in the Scriptures, we have two important reasons for giving Him our life — our strength — praising Him among the nations and still sing praises to His holy Name: He exalts us over enemies and delivers us of the violent man (v. 48). We have a lot to be thankful and emotional to know that God has delivered us from eternal damnation and, moreover, has made us His children. Now, for eternity, we will live in the Heaven of Light and not in darkness.

The best way to praise the Lord among the nations is to speak of His love to people all over the world. He does not exclude anyone, nor is He moved by grudge or hatred because of the sinful life that many had before meeting Him and receiving salvation. By forgiving us of past mistakes, He casts our sin into the depths of the sea and never remembers it (Micah 7:19).

The problem of sin, besides being disgusting and making us feel repulsive, is that it moves us away from God´s presence, which would terminate those who live in error, for He is holy. The Most High makes every effort for people to wake up, to come out of sin and to come unto Him, where they will enjoy here on Earth the peace that no one can take away. In God´s eternity, you will not remember your evil works.

When we preach the Good News, we must be aware that we are doing the best for people. At this time, the lost can be saved; the sick are able to be healed, and the oppressed can be delivered from the hands of the oppressor. The Gospel does a tremendous good to those who believe in the Most High. This person not only comes out of condemnation, but become God’s righteousness (2 Corinthians 5:21).

The Name of Jesus is the key to any success we wish to have in the life of faith. With Him, we open Heaven for God to receive our worship, praise, and petitions. Every prayer made in that Name will be answered by the Lord. Thus, we will get out of the enemy´s clutches, who oppresses us with diseases and other evils, and we will go into the hands of God, who blesses us.

Using the Name of the Lord, David confronted the giant Goliath, defeated him, and took away the shame that was upon Israel. He then succeeded in all the battles in which he participated. He knew that if He believed that Name, He would be more than a conqueror, so He gave Him all due respect. Whoever proceeds like David in relation to the Name of Jesus will never fail. Believe and be happy now!

In the Name of Christ we are preserved from temptation and delivered from oppression. With His power, no enemy will stand before us; we will overcome those who rise up against us. In addition, we will give true praise to the Lord. What do we lack if we have the right to use the Name which is above every name (Philippians 2: 9)?

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Two Reasons To Praise You, O God! In addition to the millions of reasons we have for praising Your holy Name, two were enumerated by King David. It can never be told why we must give You our worship and praise!

You are magnificent, and richer and more powerful than what is told. You are everything in every way. The best is that You are holy and You will also make us holy in Your eternal Kingdom of holiness and love. Halleluiah!

Give us conditions to praise You among the nations, even among those who persecute our brethren in Christ to this day. Singing praises to Your Name is more than justified. Your actions in favor of humanity urge us to glorify You!


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