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How precious is Your loving kindness, O God! Therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of Your wings. Psalm 36:7

Although God´s loving kindness is precious, we have not paid attention to it, and so we have lived far below the line established by Him who gives good things to His children. It is not necessary to cry out with all your heart, as in the Old Testament, but only believe, as Jesus taught, to see the glory of God (John 11:40). In the Gospel, we do not have to seek blessings, but take possession of the revelations of the Word.

The divine loving kindness has been prepared for us so the plan of the Most High be fulfilled in our lives. He planned for us to be a blessing, but sin committed by our first parents in the garden of Eden separated us from God and with that there would be nothing else to do to connect us to Him. However, the love of the Father prevailed, He gave His only Son to die in our place and pay with His life for our return to the presence of God.

Understand what the goodness of the Lord does for you. His plan cannot be frustrated, or there will be no good future waiting for you. There is only happiness if we are involved with God. He knows everything and will give us what we need: protection, healing, and other blessings. His good hope stretches out to the maximum, so that we return to our faith in Him.

By understanding how precious this loving-kindness is, you will be able to do everything that the Father has told you and thus you will realize your life is not a mere accident but a project drawn up by the Creator. Apart from Him, you will not understand your purpose on Earth or in eternity. Seek to know the Lord, and then you will discover how much He loves you.

As you walk alongside Jesus, no “whirlwind” will bother you with evil thoughts or diabolical plans to get you out of the happiness programmed and conveyed by the Lord, leading you to deny the Word. Whoever stands in the revelations of God is sheltered in the shadow of His wings. That person will be so close to Him that no evil will be able to touch them. With this protection, your soul, body and spirit will be preserved from hellish attacks.

The Lord is far greater than the ability of the demons sent to bring you down and take out of the Way. So be honest with God, and if you are to fall, or have fallen, confess this to Him to be delivered now and then become, in fact, a child of God. Under the shadow of the Almighty´s wings, you will be safe from the enemy’s ability, for the indestructible and divine power will envelop you.

It is because of the Lord´s loving kindness that men´s children are sheltered in the shadow of His wings, thus, are never again struck by the arrows of the enemy. Enjoy the revelation of the Most High in His Word and be complete victor in all things. The Lord wants to and will give what you need, just believe in the promise that belongs to you and take possession of it.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Oh God! We must pay attention to Your revelations, for if it were not for us to live Your blessings, You would not cause them to come into our heart. We must be wise to enjoy all that You have given us!

From the beginning, You have prepared what is necessary for us, without lacking nothing. But it is necessary to return to Your Word, where Your promises are guaranteed. With a simple statement, we take hold Your gifts!

Help us to know Your purposes for us in order to enjoy each of them. Nothing You give us must be wasted. We will glorify You with truth and love!


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