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The nobleman said to Him, “Sir, come down before my child dies!”. John 4:49

Never let despair overtake your heart, for in order to make the right decision, you must be at ease. People’s mistake is not to examine the Bible, the Creator’s Manual. Everything we need to succeed is recorded in it. As long as we are in the world, we will have afflictions, but having courage and using our rights in Christ, we will win the battles (John 16:33).

The rush to resolve a situation is one of the weapons used by the enemy to make you ignore the directions of the Most High. So when a problem occurs, don’t underestimate it. But also pay no more attention to him than to the Word. The truth is to speak the truth always. Say, “There is a problem, but there is a solution.” I will not look at what Satan does, but at what God says. Then honor your statement.

The Lord promises to instruct us in the way we should follow. This is part of His plan for those who integrate His Body. Never say that there”s no way for a problem. Ask for divine direction; thus you will find the way out in the Scriptures. Whoever does this will see adversity vanish and become opportunities for you to glorify the heavenly Father with his victory.

In the Name of Jesus, every feeling of unworthiness will be eradicated from within, whereby the devil insists on making you believe that it is worthless. The evil one uses this trick because he knows that his authority is superior to his. If you use it, it will lose the fight. The true Christian puts his trust in the Word, and it is necessary to live in communion with God, because no one knows when the tempter will attack.

If the king’s officer had only focused on the imminent death of his son, without heeding the words of Jesus, his son’s healing would not have occurred, and he would be scandalized with the Son of God. Many people do not watch and leave the door open for evil. Then in desperation they pray but are not answered. Thus they lose the battle, rage against the Lord, and forsake Him. They should have been prudent.

Wrong attitudes lead people to turn away from salvation, or to reject it, thinking that there was no reason for God not to attend to them. In eternity He will show us how close to the blessing we have been, but because we have not given Him credit, the devil has placed us in defeat. Whoever walks with Christ will never be abandoned. This occurred at sea when the wind was contrary. The Master went to meet the disciples bringing peace.

Jesus is Lord of life and death. He who does not accept Him is far from Him. In rejecting life, this person accepts the nature of the devil – death. What a disastrous trade! Why refuse the good and stay with the bad? God does not dispute with the evil one to have us in His service, for He is the Creator and Owner of all. Satan had us in his hands when Adam sinned. But now, with the death of Christ, we can return to God. Hallelujah!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God over all things! The officer would never get You out of the way of blessings. Being love and wanting the best for us, You will never change Your way of loving and caring for us.

Many times we do not realize that the haste and anxiety of our souls is a dark trap to rob us of our chance to be blessed. Tell us what to do in all matters, especially to trust You with all your heart.

May our gaze be focused on You, not on what we see. So our fights will be won as you have promised. We receive Jesus as our Savior by faith in Your Word, which guarantees that we have been completely replaced by Him.


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